MOTI Is A Smart Device That Motivates You To Adopt Good Habits

Brilliance | Dec. 14, 2017

It's not easy to get up early, drink enough water, exercise regularly, or take time to relax and meditate. In other words, good, healthy habits don't always come naturally. A Kickstarter campaign introduced the world to a little device that hopes to make it easier and more convenient: it's called MOTI.

This smart device can track your habit-forming progress toward your specific goal. As you take more steps toward building your positive habit, MOTI has new and increasingly excited notifications to reward you. If you're slacking, MOTI will give you the type of nudge that best suits you. The device is backed by the science of habits. Your brain needs three things to build a habit: trigger, routine, and reward. MOTI delivers all three to your brain as you integrate positive changes into your life. For more of the science behind MOTI, check out the video below.

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