Living In Sight Of Water Can Make You Happier

Brilliance | Dec. 14, 2017

It's been scientifically proven that images of seascapes are calming. But before now, science hasn't known whether that calming effect extends to living near water, where you have a daily view of what scientists call "blue space." In a 2016 study, researchers used anonymous answers from New Zealand's national health survey to compare people's mental health to how much green or blue space they could see from their Wellington homes. They found an association between a view of the ocean and lower psychological stress, even when accounting for income and crime. A view of green space, such as a park or a playing field, didn't have that effect. It should be said that this association doesn't necessarily mean that a view of the water makes you happy; happier people may just be drawn to ocean views. If the study can be reproduced, it may help create calmer, happier cities.

And since we're thinking about relaxing, here are some videos about other tricks to tapping into that calming effect.

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