The Museum Of Failure Is Filled With Forgotten Product Flops

Brilliance | Dec. 14, 2017

Helsingborg, Sweden is where you'll find a collection of famously embarrassing screw-ups. The Museum of Failure gives product flops the spotlight they never got in their heyday. Sound depressing and pathetic? You may be missing the point. Remember—everyone makes mistakes!

Who Wouldn't Want To Smell Like A Harley?

The things inside the Museum of Failure, which opened in June 2017, aren't particularly wacky or obscure. This spot holds a collection of products created by some of the most recognized brands in the world. Some of the items were once billed as the next big thing (Google Glass and Segways, anyone?), yet others were more likely "why the hell not" kind of risks. In the museum you'll find green Heinz ketchup, fat-free Pringles, Colgate frozen lasagna, Harley-Davidson cologne, Coca-Cola's BlaK coffee beverage, a Donald Trump board game, and—who could forget—Pepsi Crystal, that ill-conceived clear soda. And then, of course, there is the groundbreaking Bic For Her. No comment.

From Apple Newton To iPhone

Smack in the center of the museum's website are these words: "Learning is the only way to turn failure into success." The creator of the museum, Samuel West, wanted to showcase business missteps as a way to recognize and celebrate the often bumpy road to creative success. Though failure is in the name of the establishment, the overarching theme of the museum is to keep going, thinking, pushing, and innovating.

"Even the biggest baddest most competent companies fail," West tells Business Insider. "The trick is to create an organizational culture that accepts failure so that you can fail small...rather than failing big." If you first you don't succeed with Apple Newton, try and try again until you end up with the iPhone. Come to the museum for the funny fails, but stay for a lesson in the "risky business of innovation."

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