McDonald's declare war on main competitive Burger King with nicely positioned sign

EagleHeadline | July. 03, 2017

When it comes to the two giants of fast food, either you're a McDonald's fan or you're a Burger King devotee.

There is no middle ground, no sitting on the fence and saying, "well, I like Flame Grilled Whoppers and Big Macs equally."

The term 'burger wars' was coined in the seventies after a series of competitive advertising campaigns launched by the two chains in response to each others' efforts.

Forty years later, while most of the burger war heat has dissipated, it still occasionally simmers along.

Take this sign, for example.

On the corner of Tottenham Court Road sits a Burger King, and McDonald's are making a subtle bid for their custom.

A picture of the sign encouraging pedestrians to do a U-turn was shared on Twitter by Scott Reid, who aptly accompanied the image with the caption, "Shots fired."

We like to think when you duly do a U-turn and go back to McDonald's, there's a sign there from Burger King sending you back to them, leaving fast-food lovers in a sort of burger limbo.

Interestingly, in 2015 Burger King proposed a burger war truce and released an open letter to McDonald's.

It suggested collaborating on a meal - the McWhopper, a combination of the two restaurants' signature burgers.

McDonald's, however, rejected the proposal - a decision which widely drew criticism.

And as this sign shows, the rivalry is still very much alive and well.

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