15 Creative Handmade Christmas Presents You Will Want to Keep

Injoy News | Dec. 13, 2017

Every Christmas weu00a0are puzzled byu00a0the question: what tou00a0buy for our friends and family? Itu2019s great ifu00a0they tell you what they want, but this doesnu2019t always happen.

Weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side think presents that people make themselves are especially great, sou00a0here are 15u00a0ideas for beautiful and useful gifts.


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Coasters are gifts that will definitely not beu00a0collecting dust onu00a0au00a0shelf. You can easily make them using cork tiles. The only thing you need tou00a0dou00a0isu00a0cut out au00a0shape and coloru00a0it. You can also use Scrabble tiles. Make upu00a0words, and gou00a0ahead!

Photo gift

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You can present au00a0few photos inu00a0au00a0really cool way byu00a0making au00a0photo puzzle oru00a0au00a0photo box with the warmest memories. Itu2019s not asu00a0hard asu00a0itu00a0might seem!

Special candlesticks

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Such candles are bound tou00a0give everyone the holiday spirit. And the most important thing isu00a0that itu00a0wonu2019t take au00a0lot ofu00a0your time tou00a0make them.

Knitted blanket

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There isu00a0nothing better for au00a0cold winter than au00a0big, warm, knitted blanket. You can knit this one without needles using just your hands. Learn the technique here.

Mittens that may become favorites

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You donu2019t need tou00a0attend au00a0knitting class tou00a0make these. Just think about how much warmth you can give au00a0person (both metaphorically and literally). Step-by-step instructions can beu00a0found here and here.

Cups for holiday spirit

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You can make cups look like whatever you want. Just choose the color and style you like best: glitter, 2-tone cups, oru00a0cute pictures.

Hot chocolate kit

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Au00a0simple but very delicious present: au00a0full kit ofu00a0ingredients for au00a0delicious cup ofu00a0hot chocolate. Marshmallows, waffles, caramel, and, ofu00a0course, cocoau00a0u2014 the more, the better! Choose unusual containers, for example, au00a0Christmas tree ornament.

Watercolor portrait

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This method can help easily create portraits, and you donu2019t have tou00a0beu00a0au00a0great artist! This isu00a0au00a0present they will definitely not forget.

Mirror box

u00a9 designsponge u00a0

You can always find au00a0way tou00a0use au00a0box, especially such au00a0beautiful one. How tou00a0make one? Check here.

Bath bombs

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Asu00a0itu00a0turns out, itu00a0isu00a0quite easy tou00a0make these. All you need isu00a0the necessary ingredients.

Hand cream

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Anyone would beu00a0happy tou00a0get such au00a0present, especially inu00a0winter. Itu00a0moisturizes and protects the skin from cold weather.

Body scrub

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Ifu00a0there are truly easy gifts you can make yourself, au00a0body scrub isu00a0definitely one ofu00a0them. The ingredients can beu00a0different, sou00a0you can combine anything you want, just like inu00a0this scrub with fragrances ofu00a0lime, watermelon, and raspberry. Oru00a0this one with lavender and tea.

Cool notebook

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Ifu00a0you donu2019t know what tou00a0present, try au00a0notebook! Many people will find itu00a0very useful atu00a0the beginning ofu00a0the New Year. Buy the simplest one inu00a0the shop, and decorate itu00a0with ribbons, colors, pastels, oru00a0embroidery.


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Use pictures from au00a0personu2019s social networks tou00a0make them au00a0personalized present. Create au00a0calendar for the New Year! Everyone will likeu00a0it.

Sweet kit

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And, ofu00a0course, au00a0sweet kit inu00a0au00a0huge jar oru00a0basketu00a0u2014 dou00a0you know someone who might likeu00a0it? You can experiment with the contents: your friends and family will probably like coffee oru00a0tea presents too.

Have you ever made any presents yourself? Tellu00a0us inu00a0the comments section!

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