20 Christmas Decorations You Can Make in 30 Minutes

Injoy News | Dec. 13, 2017

Many people notice that the older they become, the harder itu00a0isu00a0tou00a0get that magical feeling ofu00a0being inu00a0au00a0fairy tale that they always had when they were children atu00a0Christmastime.

But weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side are sure that ifu00a0you make au00a0Christmas decoration for your house oru00a0Christmas tree, the holiday spirit will definitely come. Almost all ofu00a0these decorations donu2019t require much free time oru00a0any additional materials. You can make them inu00a030u00a0minutes using the materials you have atu00a0home.

20. Stars made ofu00a0wool

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You can put elegant snowflakes made ofu00a0wool onu00a0au00a0Christmas tree, au00a0chandelier, and au00a0window. Oru00a0you can decorate the walls with them. Itu00a0isu00a0very easy tou00a0make them! Just watch our video.

19. Wreath made ofu00a0baubles and anu00a0old hanger

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You can make au00a0colorful wreath inu00a0just half anu00a0hour. All you need isu00a0au00a0set ofu00a0inexpensive baubles. Blogger creator Jennifer, the author ofu00a0this article, recommends unfolding anu00a0old hanger. Ifu00a0you donu2019t have one, all you need isu00a0au00a0piece ofu00a0strong wire.

18. Snowflake tablecloth

u00a9 youaremyfave u00a0

Many people used tou00a0make snowflakes when they were kids, and you can make au00a0beautiful snowflake tablecloth. Your entire family can dou00a0itu00a0together byu00a0cutting snowflakes together, oru00a0you can dou00a0itu00a0alone and stick the snowflakes together onu00a0au00a0table. This isu00a0au00a0great idea ifu00a0you are going tou00a0have guests atu00a0home oru00a0youu2019re planning au00a0family dinner.

17. Multicolored hats

u00a9 easypeasyandfun u00a0

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You can make these nice hats using yarn leftovers, and the hats themselves can beu00a0au00a0great Christmas tree decoration. You can also put them onu00a0the walls, windows, oru00a0your chandelier. Children more than 5u00a0years old are perfectly capable ofu00a0making this simple decoration. You can find the details here.

16. "Snowy city" lamp

u00a9 Casa e Jardim u00a0

Inu00a0order tou00a0make this charming lamp, you need tou00a0measure au00a0piece ofu00a0paper rolled around the jar with just au00a0little extra (tou00a0beu00a0able tou00a0stick the ends). Then draw and cut out au00a0simple city oru00a0au00a0forest view. Roll the paper around the jar, and put au00a0candle inside.

15. Ornaments with photos

u00a9 evermine u00a0 u00a9 decozilla u00a0

This isu00a0au00a0great idea for au00a0Christmas tree decoration oru00a0au00a0present for your friends and relatives. Roll the photo sou00a0that itu00a0fits inside the ornament, and straighten itu00a0with tweezers. You can use small black-and-white rectangular pictures, oru00a0you can cut out au00a0circular photo like inu00a0the picture with the cat inu00a0the snow.

14. Christmas lamps

u00a9 livediyideas u00a0

This miracle takes only 5u00a0minutes. All you need tou00a0dou00a0isu00a0collect baubles, twigs, and cones and put them inu00a0au00a0transparent vase (oru00a0au00a0cute jar). You could also add lights tou00a0make itu00a0really beautiful.

13. Smoldering embers

u00a9 smartschoolhouse u00a0

u00a9 thepolohouse u00a0

Glowing lights hidden among cones and twigs give the impression ofu00a0smoldering embers inu00a0au00a0fireplace. Itu00a0even seems that they emit warmth! You just need au00a0basket oru00a0au00a0cute bucket, and the rest (except the lights, ofu00a0course) can beu00a0found inu00a0au00a0park.

12. Floating candles

u00a9 diyandmag u00a0

u00a9 randomtalks u00a0

This isu00a0au00a0very simple decoration for au00a0Christmas table oru00a0au00a0nice evening with friends during the holidays. Au00a0few candles floating inu00a0au00a0container with water, cranberries, and twigs. You can use cones, oranges, fresh flowers, and leaves from au00a0flower boutiqueu00a0u2014 take pretty much anything that comes tou00a0mind. Use bowls, vases, jars, and glasses asu00a0candleholders. The most important thing isu00a0that they need tou00a0beu00a0transparent.

11. Au00a0snowman onu00a0the fridge oru00a0the door

u00a9 brittanyestes u00a0 u00a9 princesspinkygirl u00a0

Kids will definitely love thisu00a0u2014 itu2019s simple, fun, and very fast. Au00a03-year-old child can cut out the larger parts. You need tou00a0cut out circles, au00a0nose, and au00a0scarf. Use wrapping paper, colored cardboard, and duct tape tou00a0attach the pieces tou00a0the door.

10. Snowflakes onu00a0the window

This isu00a0au00a0very interesting way tou00a0use au00a0glue gun. Inu00a0order tou00a0stick the snowflakes tou00a0the glass, just push them carefully onto the surface. Find the details inu00a0our video.

9. Christmas tree candies

u00a9 itallstartedwithpaint u00a0

You can make these colorful Christmas trees with your children. They are perfect for au00a0childrenu2019s party oru00a0au00a0family dinner. Cut out triangles ofu00a0colored paper oru00a0cardboard, use tape tou00a0attach them tou00a0au00a0toothpick, and stick them into candies.

8. Christmas lights with photos and pictures

u00a9 lights4fun u00a0

New Year and Christmas are wonderful family holidays. Lights with family pictures, photographs, and childrenu2019s drawings are great for such anu00a0occasion. Itu2019s very easy tou00a0attach them using clothespins, which can beu00a0decorated with hearts and snowflakes.

7. Origami star

u00a9 liagriffith u00a0 u00a9 designrulz u00a0

Cute origami stars can decorate au00a0Christmas tree, au00a0table, oru00a0beu00a0used tou00a0make Christmas lights. You can find detailed instructions here.

6. Painted spoons

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Ordinary metal oru00a0wooden spoons can easily beu00a0turned into cute Christmas decorations. The only thing you need isu00a0acrylic paint. Kids are going tou00a0love this idea! Ifu00a0you fold the handle ofu00a0metal spoons, you can hang them onu00a0your Christmas tree. Wooden spoons can decorate the kitchen.

5. Sock snowmen

u00a9 darkroomanddearly u00a0

u00a9 darkroomanddearly u00a0

Use white socks tou00a0make these funny snowmen. Cut off the tip ofu00a0the sock, and put au00a0thread around the other end. Put some rice inside sou00a0the shape becomes round, and put au00a0thread around the rice ball. After that, put some more rice onu00a0top tou00a0make another ball. Sew the nose and the eyes, make au00a0scarf, and attach buttons. The part you cut off atu00a0the very beginning can beu00a0used asu00a0au00a0hat.

4. Voluminous snowflakes

u00a9 1dogwoof u00a0

You can hang these beautiful voluminous snowflakes oru00a0decorate au00a0Christmas tree and the windows with them. They are not much harder tou00a0make than regular snowflakes. Detailed instructions with photos can beu00a0found here.

3. Ornaments made from old light bulbs

u00a9 David M. Zuber u00a0 u00a9 etsy u00a0 u00a9 dollartree u00a0 u00a9 imadeafunny u00a0

Stop throwing away used light bulbs! They make great pieces ofu00a0decoration, and kids will love this idea. You will have handmade Santas, snowmen, and penguins onu00a0your Christmas tree. You donu2019t have tou00a0use fleece tou00a0make the hat like inu00a0the photo inu00a0the upper right corner. You can use leftover cloth tou00a0make au00a0good-looking hat.

2. Letu2019s gou00a0get au00a0Christmas tree!

u00a9 itallstartedwithpaint u00a0

This isu00a0au00a0cute trinket that will make your dresser, windowsill, oru00a0table beautiful. Blogger Linda, the author ofu00a0this idea, used artificial snow, but you can easily use au00a0white napkin instead. Just tear itu00a0into pieces beforehand.

1. Baubles with memories, dreams, and other stuff

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Au00a0set ofu00a0Christmas baubles can beu00a0turned into wonderful and meaningful decorations. For example, you can make toys that will carry the best memories ofu00a0the last yearu00a0u2014 au00a0newborn baby oru00a0au00a0great trip. Over time, there will beu00a0au00a0tradition inu00a0the family, and you will have nice memories just after looking atu00a0these ornaments. You can also make wishes using them: for example, ifu00a0you want tou00a0gou00a0tou00a0the sea, you should make au00a0bauble with shells and make your wish.

What results did you get? Donu2019t forget tou00a0share the pics ofu00a0the decorations youu2019ve made inu00a0the comments!

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