25+ Offices Where the Employees All Have a Great Sense of Humor

Injoy News | Dec. 13, 2017

When you work with people who can bring positiveness tou00a0the working atmosphere, Monday mornings donu2019t seem sou00a0gloomy.

Bright Side has collected examples ofu00a0ways tou00a0fight boredom atu00a0work.

"Iu00a0was out ofu00a0the office for 2u00a0weeks and found this whenu00a0I got back."

u00a9 mrdctaylor/reddit u00a0

"Myu00a0colleague keeps telling meu00a0tou00a0not use Post-its for unnecessary things. This isu00a0whatu00a0I did tou00a0his office."

u00a9 TheRealBridgeman/imgur u00a0

Au00a0big detective drama happened onu00a0our office fridge.

u00a9 jimthehacksawduggan/reddit u00a0

Somebody inu00a0myu00a0office had anu00a0amazing idea.

u00a9 treeschat/reddit u00a0

When your colleague isu00a0fond ofu00a0Christmas:

u00a9 natezomby/reddit u00a0

"Iu00a0placed this sign onu00a0our office coffee machine...best 3u00a0hours ofu00a0myu00a0life."

u00a9 nipse79/reddit u00a0

Anu00a0original alternative tou00a0shelves inu00a0office restrooms!

u00a9 tessalasset/reddit u00a0

Left myu00a0office for 10u00a0minutes...

u00a9 SuperSonicYoshi/reddit u00a0

Weu00a0asked our boss tou00a0buy au00a0clock for our office.

u00a9 KifKroker/pikabu u00a0

"Myu00a0office refuses tou00a0take down this nonoperating antiquated piece ofu00a0equipment, sou00a0I did the only logical thing."

u00a9 grindinghalt/reddit u00a0

"Myu00a0friendu2019s office has been inu00a0au00a0Post-it war with the neighbors... Yesterday, the neighbors won."

u00a9 FUNKYDISCO/reddit u00a0

"Walked into myu00a0bossu2019s office and saw this sign."

u00a9 juanito2121/reddit u00a0

"Polar bear area"

u00a9 yeerk_slayer/reddit u00a0

When you are the only man inu00a0the office:

u00a9 michellenicolell/reddit u00a0

Donu2019t play jokes withu00a0IT guys!

u00a9 Nyrfan82/reddit u00a0

Very bad service!

u00a9 tobias_drundridge/reddit u00a0

"After au00a050+u00a0email chain with all the men atu00a0myu00a0company, weu00a0decided itu00a0was only fair tou00a0have au00a0shark tank inu00a0the bathroom ifu00a0the women got anu00a0orchid. Our office manager listened, and this isu00a0what showed upu00a0onu00a0Monday morning."

u00a9 milkandrelish/reddit u00a0

"Au00a0coworker put this onu00a0myu00a0Keurig."

u00a9 Warjak/reddit u00a0

Unexpected issues for tall people

u00a9 tgabben/reddit u00a0

"Iu00a0left au00a0toy car asu00a0au00a0decoration for myu00a0officeu2019s meeting room. Iu00a0guess someone didnu2019t want itu00a0there."

u00a9 Win_in_Roam/reddit u00a0


u00a9 ImJohnathan/reddit u00a0

Itu2019s all about creativity.

u00a9 ADano/reddit u00a0

Hold on, Ramon! Your colleagues will help you.

u00a9 emzieees/reddit u00a0

They found the best use for anu00a0office printer.

u00a9 i-am-the-walrus789/reddit u00a0

Au00a0friendly atmosphere inu00a0the office isu00a0better than any money.

u00a9 lexm/reddit u00a0

Who said thatu00a0IT guys canu2019t beu00a0creative?

u00a9 wadewilding/reddit u00a0

"Itu2019s office safari time."

u00a9 kurtov/imgur u00a0

"Sometimes myu00a0colleagues draw onu00a0myu00a0daughteru2019s photo with whiteboard markers."

u00a9 inssen/reddit u00a0

How tou00a0avoid complaints:

u00a9 drbatookhan/imgur u00a0

And Iu00a0am dying ofu00a0shame.

u00a9 drbatookhan/imgur u00a0

How else canu00a0I survive the accounting period?

u00a9 wittycrate/imgur u00a0

Non-waste production!

u00a9 techn0man1ac/pikabu u00a0

"Last weeku00a0I made au00a0joke about myu00a0coworker being old (heu2019s about 12u00a0years older thanu00a0me). Today heu00a0came tou00a0work with this."

u00a9 AngryFemaleEngineer/reddit u00a0

When you get your salary inu00a0cash and your boss thinks heu00a0has au00a0good sense ofu00a0humor:

u00a9 OhCoyle/reddit u00a0

"Today weu00a0played the trust game atu00a0work...people hovered for hours before the first brave person steppedu00a0up. Spoiler: they were totally fine."

u00a9 Bpesca/reddit u00a0

Weu00a0at u00a0Bright Side know for sure what having colleagues with au00a0good sense ofu00a0humor isu00a0like. Tellu00a0us inu00a0the comments ifu00a0you are lucky tou00a0have great coworkers asu00a0well.

Preview photo credit kurtov/imgur, ADano/reddit

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