Find out How Much Money These Playback Singers Gets for One Song!

Injoy News | Dec. 13, 2017

Music is like u201clifeu201d in the Bollywood movies and the singers are like the soul of that music. From the very beginning, music plays a vital role in the Bollywood industry. Itu2019s like a unique way in Bollywood to portray different situations like love, hate, passion, emotions, storytelling and so on. Today we are going to discuss top 5 highest paid Bollywood singers. Do remember we will only talk about the fee per song. So here we go:

Shreya Ghoshal

Winner of four National Awards and six Filmfare awards this beautiful lady with beauty is the highest paid singer in the Bollywood. According to many sources, it is claimed that Shreya Ghoshal Fee per song is around 18-20 Lakh per song.

Arijit Singh

If someone will say that this is the era of Arijit Singh then no one can deny over this. He is a versatile singer. He can sing romantic songs, sad songs, party number, and the classic one and so on. He is truly like the most wanted singer of Bollywood. But afford him is a little bit difficult because he takes the fee of 13 lakh per song.

Sonu Nigam

One of the most experienced singer present in this era. Doing singing for around past 20+ years. Many times we felt that now this is the end but again this man shock us with another hit song. Fee per song 10 Lakh.

Sunidhi Chauhan

She is truly like the rockstar of Bollywood. Having both genres of rock and classic this singer charge 9 lakh per song and much more than this in various concert.

Mohit Chauhan

A singer who sings for Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood as well. A front face of bands like Indipop & Silkroute, this singer really deserves the great appreciation for sure.

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