25 Absolutely Breathtaking Photos Made Without Photoshop

Inspiration | Dec. 13, 2017

You don’t have to be a professional to take a great shot; all you need is simply to be in the right place, catch the right moment, and hit the shutter button.

The authors of the following photos prove us that to create something this beautiful you don’t need any special graphic tools. Just use your imagination, and the result may profoundly surprise you.

The ultimate Lotus Pose on the beach.

Just a crayfish in a metal bucket. Not the crayfish trying to take over the planet Earth, as you may have thought.

The Puyehue-Cordón Caulle eruption in Chile. Now that looks pretty fearsome!

The Royal Navy celebration in Great Britain.

Swim into the summer!

Did you know that using long exposure can create something this amazing?

’Catch the wave!’ Hawaii, USA.

While snorkeling in Key Largo’s coral reefs, you can meet this 8 1/2 foot sculpture of Jesus Christ. Florida, USA.

One of the worst floods in the history of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

That’s the moment!

Don’t believe your eyes if you think you’re seeing an explosion...or even an eruption.

A frozen birch leaf in a puddle.

This is how they sew fishnet in Vietnam.

Mount Bromo is an active volcano in Indonesia.

Autumn and winter meet in Colorado, USA.

The Northern Lights in Norway.

A new galaxy.

Ants drinking from a ’giant’ honey sea, Malaysia.

Chiang Mai sky lantern festival, Thailand.

The universe is ours.

Fireflies around a small bridge over the Shimanto River, Japan.

All shades of gray.

A 15-mile-long shadow cast by Mount Fuji.

A sunrise in Bushy Park, London.

Balance and inner peace.

Where the Namib desert meets the sea, southern Africa.

Vertical takeoff of Airbus A380.

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