15+ Improbable TV and Video Game Glitches That Made Us Roll on the Floor With Laughter

Injoy News | Dec. 12, 2017

TVu00a0shows, films, and video games are all multi-billion-dollar industries, but that doesnu2019t make them immune tou00a0occasional glitches. More often than not, glitches are pretty annoying and can break our immersion, but they can also beu00a0downright hilarious.

Weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side have collected some ofu00a0the funniestu00a0TV and video game glitches that are sure tou00a0make you laugh.

Well, itu2019s technically correct but alsou00a0so, sou00a0wrong.

u00a9 fwooooosh / reddit u00a0

Myu00a0friends andu00a0I when weu00a0hear some gossip weu2019re definitely NOT interestedu00a0in:

u00a9 eib / reddit u00a0

You need tou00a0learn some manners, young man.

u00a9 simsgonewrong / tumblr u00a0

Iu00a0think Frodo got au00a0little bit too excited.

u00a9 dreasdif118 / reddit u00a0

Sometimes you just have tou00a0make au00a0run foru00a0it.

u00a9 kousuisetsu / tumblr u00a0

Iu00a0mean, itu2019s hard notu00a0to.

u00a9 dammitfallout / tumblr u00a0

What heu00a0lacks inu00a0height, heu00a0makes upu00a0for inu00a0skill.

u00a9 Joeyddr / reddit u00a0

Thatu2019s some smooth entrance right there.

u00a9 BurgledSasquatch / reddit u00a0

When you play golf but youu2019re au00a0ballet dancer onu00a0the inside:

u00a9 The_Lazy_Ninja / reddit u00a0

Iu2019m not au00a0doctor, but you might want tou00a0get your baby lookedu00a0at.

u00a9 IDontCareAboutUpvote / reddit u00a0

Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for women!

u00a9 chiefbigpooh / reddit u00a0

Just au00a0regular day out inu00a0the field.

u00a9 Haruharuharuko / reddit u00a0

When that hottest new trend comes out:

u00a9 SlicedKuniva / reddit u00a0

Jessica knew she shouldnu2019t eat au00a04th piece ofu00a0cake. But she couldnu2019t helpu00a0it.

u00a9 fyeahgameglitches / tumblr u00a0

Oh, get au00a0room!

u00a9 M0bius01 / Imgur u00a0

Iu2019d beu00a0crying too ifu00a0that was myu00a0sister.

u00a9 artemida-sims / tumblr u00a0

Hmm, Anderson Cooper looks au00a0bit different... Something about his hair maybe?

u00a9 charliekehoe / reddit u00a0

When you order that triple cheeseburger:

u00a9 Legendary_Forgers / reddit u00a0

Wait... What did you just say?

u00a9 rtop45 / reddit u00a0

Have you ever encountered funny glitches when playing games oru00a0watching TV? Dou00a0you think they add au00a0certain charm tou00a0the whole experience, oru00a0are they merely au00a0nuisance? Feel free tou00a0share your thoughts inu00a0the comments!

Preview photo credit dreasdif118/reddit

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