17 Everyday Things Under a Microscope That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Injoy News | Dec. 12, 2017

Some things look plain atu00a0first glance. But ifu00a0you look atu00a0them under au00a0microscope, au00a0whole new world opens upu00a0tou00a0you.

Weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side came upu00a0with au00a0list ofu00a0ordinary things that look absolutely astonishing inu00a0micro photo shoots. And atu00a0the end ofu00a0the article, donu2019t miss au00a0bonus that will show you which creatures inhabit our bodies!

17. Au00a0snailu2019s tongue

16. Tapeworm

15. LCD screen

14. Snow

13. Ball pen

A #ballpoint #pen under a microscope looks....well. Dodgy. Like a deep sea creature. Or an eyeball. Grim... pic.twitter.com/gdI1KZDf36

12. Silicone dioxide

11. Spider eyes

See 40 mind-blowing images captured through a microscope. Photo: Noah Fram-Schwartz https://t.co/20RPTeugsc pic.twitter.com/IXfnmWxEx0

10. Espresso

9. Vanilla

8. Mouse embryo

7. Laptop screen

6. Sugar

5. Tequilla

4. Gold

3. Polyester

2. Pen

1. Sand

Bonus: human lice

Thereu2019s nou00a0doubt they look creepy...just like they feel. Yuck!

Preview photo credit Depositphotos.com

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