20 Candid Tales of Married Life From Spouses With a Healthy Sense of Humor

Injoy News | Dec. 12, 2017

Itu2019s said that there isu00a0nou00a0life after marriage and that love can only last for 3u00a0years. Still, lots ofu00a0couples manage tou00a0remain genuinely happy inu00a0spite ofu00a0bad forecasts.

Today Bright Side presents you with au00a0selection ofu00a0candid stories that tell ofu00a0long-lasting marriages full ofu00a0love, patience, and...surprises.

That feeling when you get au00a0sneak preview ofu00a0difficult times ahead...

Over time, passion gradually takes au00a0back seat...

Sometimes you realize that your little love nest attracts too many visitors...

u00a9 _troyjohnson / twitter u00a0

There are things you donu2019t want tou00a0share...even with your nearest and dearest...

u00a9 Omnes87 / reddit u00a0

Remember: true happiness doesnu2019t come cheap!

Many things look different when viewed from au00a0distance.

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Inu00a0one way oru00a0another, all relationships changeu00a0us for the better.

u00a9 Lee.Li / Pikabu u00a0

Sometimes love can also beu00a0au00a0headache. Even when itu2019s the biggest love ofu00a0your life.

Donu2019t hesitate tou00a0seek professional advice.

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True reasons for marital disagreements can hide inu00a0the unlikeliest ofu00a0places...

u00a9 Xalqee / twitter u00a0

And the solutions can lie right onu00a0the surface.

u00a9 StasUfa / Pikabu u00a0

Although, atu00a0times, itu2019s difficult tou00a0figure out whatu2019s goingu00a0on...

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Just try tou00a0face all challenges with au00a0smile!

u00a9 terex232 / reddit u00a0

Support each other.

u00a9 IAMGodAMAA / reddit u00a0

u00a9 IAMGodAMAA / reddit u00a0

u00a9 IAMGodAMAA / reddit u00a0

Donu2019t forget: together, you are the best ofu00a0teams!

u00a9 TimRed / Pikabu u00a0

Even though, inu00a0some things, you will never see eye tou00a0eye.

u00a9 simoncholland / twitter u00a0

Keep inu00a0mind that the secret tou00a0au00a0lasting relationship isu00a0learning tou00a0accept each other for who you are...

u00a9 Perevorotov / Pikabu u00a0

...and tou00a0see something positive inu00a0every unpleasant incident.

u00a9 cjohnsonking5 / twitter u00a0

And, inu00a0any case, weu2019re all different. Each couple has its own secrets for au00a0long-lasting and happy marriage.

But, most importantly, never forget that your love for others begins with loving yourself!

What funny situations happened tou00a0you? Share inu00a0the comments!

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