13 Gadgets All the Lazybones Out There Will Dream About Having

Injoy News | Dec. 12, 2017

People keep tellingu00a0us that our time isu00a0the best with all ofu00a0the gadgets, media, takeoutu00a0u2014 everything isu00a0done for our comfort and convenience. And most ofu00a0the time, itu00a0really isu00a0true.

But weu00a0atu00a0 Bright Side believe that the products onu00a0this list will take anyoneu2019s laziness tou00a0the next level. Curious about what tou00a0add tou00a0your wish list? Keep reading!

Electric roller skates

u00a9 hammacher u00a0

Are you au00a0fan ofu00a0roller skating but donu2019t want tou00a0move your legs? Use electric roller skates, and...well...just stand there.

Ezy-On Socks &u00a0Stocking Helper

u00a9 Amazon u00a0

Some ofu00a0those really complicated tasks inu00a0our life can use some help. Like putting onu00a0socks.

Bedroom laptop table

u00a9 Japan Trend Shop u00a0

Add some snacks, and this isu00a0whatu00a0I call au00a0perfect weekend.

Remote control mop

u00a9 Amazon u00a0

Clean the floors from the comfort ofu00a0your sofa. Just try tou00a0avoid your pets huntingu00a0it.

Remote control heated insoles

u00a9 Amazon u00a0

Who needs tou00a0move around when you can warm upu00a0your feet with au00a0remote control?

Football onu00a0remote

u00a9 proidee u00a0

Fancy au00a0football game but not inu00a0the best shape? Ifu00a0your thumbs still are, get au00a0remote control and gou00a0allu00a0in.

Kick-off shoe rack

u00a9 culturalfuel u00a0

Just kick your shoes towardu00a0it, and itu00a0will catch and store them with its genius design.

Spoon-shaped nachos

u00a9 craziestgadgets u00a0

Not au00a0fan ofu00a0cleaning upu00a0after au00a0messy dinner ofu00a0nachos? Donu2019t let your dip spill with these spoon-shaped nachos.

Au00a0clock that charges from bugs

u00a9 engadget u00a0

Au00a0carnivorous clock that doesnu2019t need its battery changed. Itu00a0will "eat" bugs tou00a0gain its charge.


u00a9 elcreatino/twitter u00a0

The only thing that will actually give you abs inu00a015u00a0minutes. Well, anu00a0impression ofu00a0them.

Electric ice cream cone

u00a9 Amazon u00a0

Lazy summers are sou00a0lazy. Sou00a0just stick out your tongue, and let this cone dou00a0the hard work for you.

Solar-powered lawn mower

u00a9 independent u00a0

Nou00a0need tou00a0hire au00a0neighboru2019s kid oru00a0tou00a0dou00a0itu00a0yourself. Let the sun dou00a0your job.


u00a9 uncrate u00a0

The distance from the popcorn bowl tou00a0your mouth seems too long? Say "Pop!" and popcorn will fly into your mouth from this machine.

Bonus: Au00a0chair weu00a0all need

When itu2019s Monday and you donu2019t feel like getting out ofu00a0your comfy chair, and you canu2019t afford au00a0car just yet, but youu2019re still determined tou00a0get tou00a0work.

Ifu00a0being au00a0lazybones means that weu2019ll get all this stuffu00a0u2014 who cares?

Preview photo credit hammacher

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