20 Absurd Inventions from the Past That Didn’t Catch On

Inspiration | Dec. 12, 2017

The 20th century was full of inventions that shaped the modern world: television, computers, airplanes, to name just a few. However, for every revolutionary discovery there were countless bizarre ideas that for various reasons didn’t take root.

Today Bright Side presents twenty of the most weird, funny and downright crazy inventions from the past. Who knows, maybe it’s time to give some of them another chance?

These were called Blizzard Cones. Before waterproof mascara was invented, women were offered these special masks as a way to protect their make-up from the elements.

Nowadays we can listen to music, watch movies and read the news on our smartphones. But back in the day, if you wanted to keep up-to-date with everything, you could wear a Radio Hat.

Model Pat Ogden, testing out the trendiest New York fitness fad of the 1940s: the Slenderizing Salon. Here you can see her working out on a weird device called Roaler Massager where metal rollers were meant to massage women’s ’problem areas’. Women were supposed to lose weight without exercise, muscle contractions being stimulated.

This is probably how modern smart glasses were invented!

Some things in their first edition looked so ridiculous that people were too embarrassed to use them. For example, these trendy lifejackets!

This ground-breaking device, the ad stated, would present its user with a charming set of dimples if used continuously.

The GoofyBike. This is what, according to Charles Steinlauf of Chicago, a family bicycle is supposed to look like. So basically, no one is going anywhere without a sewing machine.

A back brush with a rear-view mirror — very convenient...

The Shower Hood: yet another vital device none of us can live without!

A motorised surfboard, for a real gentlemen.

And while on dry land, try these classy motorised roller skates as well.

Is this a pair of mini-bikes? Roller skates? We just don’t know.

Love reading in bed? Well then, these glasses are just the thing for you!

Another helpful device for all those who love reading while lying on their front.

Never leave the house without your folding bridge (it fits in a suitcase!) You never know when you might need it!

The hangover mask: guaranteed to help you look young and fresh even after the wildest party...

This machine that kinda looks like a huge bag was invented for the die-hard sauna fans.

The Anti-Bandit Bag. When a burglar grabs your bag, you press the button, the chain is pulled, and the bottom of the case falls out and the content is scattered all over the ground. That sounds immensely helpful — thanks, John H. T. Rinfret!

The Suspender Baby Cage. These things were actually distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London, who had no gardens.

The Baby Suspender. It’s becoming clear that inventors of the last century hated babies with all the passion of their creative souls...

A brush that simultaneously polishes your bald scalp and brushes what’s left of your hair.

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