5 Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem to Exist

Injoy News | Dec. 12, 2017

According tou00a0the universal law ofu00a0gravitation, any 2u00a0bodies attract each other, and this isu00a0what keepsu00a0us attached tou00a0Earth. But isu00a0itu00a0true that there are places onu00a0Earth where this law doesnu2019t apply?

Bright Side found au00a0few places where gravity doesnu2019t seem tou00a0exist.

5. Saint Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan, USA

The story says that au00a0few surveyors were exploring the area inu00a0the 1950s. When they reached this spot, all ofu00a0their equipment stopped working. Asu00a0they discovered after some testing, this problem was only inu00a0au00a0circle ofu00a0about 300 feet inu00a0diameter. Thatu2019s how this mystery spot was found.

Things here seem tou00a0rollu00a0up, 2u00a0people can exchange heights, and you can balance onu00a0au00a0wall. Even though these effects are just anu00a0optical illusion, itu00a0isu00a0still au00a0lot ofu00a0fun.

4. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California

This spot isu00a0located inu00a0the forests outside Santa Cruz inu00a0anu00a0area just 150 feet inu00a0diameter. People there seem tou00a0walk inu00a0au00a0tilted fashion, and things look like they are rolling uphill. Many people return tou00a0this mystery spot multiple times tou00a0experience these weird and puzzling sensations.

You may believe inu00a0the phenomena oru00a0explain itu00a0asu00a0anu00a0optical illusion, but itu00a0definitely looks impressive.

3. Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

Ifu00a0you ever visit Hoover Dam inu00a0Nevada, USA, try tou00a0dou00a0this experiment: pour water from au00a0bottle over the Dam. You will see that itu00a0wonu2019t gou00a0down but will flowu00a0up. This happens because ofu00a0the very powerful updraft that the structure ofu00a0the Dam creates. The water isu00a0actually carried upward byu00a0the wind.

2. Magnetic Hill, Leh Ladakh, India

This hill, located onu00a0the Leh-Kargil-Baltik national highway inu00a0India, isu00a0said tou00a0have magnetic properties that can pull cars uphill. Some say that even passing airplanes have tou00a0increase their altitude. While some people believe inu00a0magic, others say that itu2019s just anu00a0optical illusion created byu00a0the areau2019s layout and surrounding hills, which makes the downhill road look like itu2019s goingu00a0up.

This place isu00a0not unique. There are hills like this inu00a0many countries all over the world: Canada, USA, Australia, and others.

1. Waterfall, Faroe Islands

Can you imagine au00a0waterfall going upward? There isu00a0one onu00a0the Faroe Islands, located inu00a0the Atlantic Ocean between Scotland and Iceland. Surprised? Weu00a0have tou00a0disappoint you. There are plenty ofu00a0waterfalls like this inu00a0the world, and the power moving the water upward isu00a0wind. You can see how itu00a0happens inu00a0this video:

Weu00a0are curious ifu00a0you know other places like this. Can you explain the surprising things happening there? Share withu00a0us inu00a0the comments!

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