15 People Who Are Slaying the Selfie Game

Injoy News | Dec. 11, 2017

Selfies are art. Nou00a0one can really disagree with this inu00a0the age ofu00a0Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder. But what ifu00a0you have great ambitions and limited means?

Bright Side presents tou00a0you people who are more than resourcefulu00a0u2014 they are slaying the selfie game.

Iu00a0bet this vacation was au00a0bargain.

u00a9 I_am_here/reddit u00a0

Atu00a0least his girlfriend isu00a0not the jealous type. Oru00a0the existing type.

u00a9 tumb1r/imgur u00a0

This kitchen isu00a0sou00a0new itu2019s still inu00a0the store.

u00a9 OliviaTayte/twitter u00a0

2u00a0fingers, au00a0couple ofu00a0filters, and youu2019re dau00a0boss!

u00a9 TVazansky/twitter u00a0

Sou00a0much booze! Oh...

u00a9 DylanDII/twitter u00a0

Widescreen + second room = flat-screen

u00a9 Phatstarr/twitter u00a0

Who needs dental?

u00a9 ComicLuisPowell/twitter u00a0

With her man. Who doesnu2019t argue much.

u00a9 patricepannell5/twitter u00a0

Cuddles are not always sweet...also slightly creepy.

u00a9 katxenos/twitter u00a0

Real gold, yu2019all.

u00a9 fourloko/twitter u00a0

Check out his ride!

u00a9 thegayestunicorn/imgur u00a0

50u00a0Centu2019s new Range Rover

u00a9 50cent/twitter u00a0

That baeu2019s sou00a0spoiled!

u00a9 bowwowchallenge/twitter u00a0

Live from the stadium...

Dat stack ofu00a0cash, tho.

u00a9 NycDontLuvU/twitter u00a0

Are your pictures onu00a0par with these geniuses?

Preview photo credit katxenos/twitter

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