12 Hilarious Rip-Offs of Popular Cartoon Characters

Injoy News | Dec. 11, 2017

Thanks tou00a0their audience popularity, the production ofu00a0animated films has become au00a0multi-billion-dollar industry with au00a0high level ofu00a0competition. Thatu2019s why small companies, when they fail tou00a0come upu00a0with new ingenious ideas, often have tou00a0take desperate measures tou00a0make ends meet. Youu2019ve probably heard about cartoon rip-offsu00a0u2014 bad copies ofu00a0original animations.

Today atu00a0 Bright Side weu00a0prepared au00a0list ofu00a0blatant, funny, oru00a0ambiguous mockbusters. Check itu00a0out tou00a0see ifu00a0they are even worth watching!

Adventure Time (2011-2018) vsu00a0The Legend ofu00a0Lucky Pie (2015-)

u00a9 Frederator Studios u00a0 u00a9 The Legend of Lucky Pie u00a0

The Legend ofu00a0Lucky Pie isu00a0au00a0cartoon series created byu00a02u00a0Chinese artists, Yimumu and Tim Chan. The first episode aired inu00a0January 2015 and lasted for 12u00a0minutes. Only 4u00a0episodes have been released sou00a0far because the artists work mainly from home and donu2019t have the support ofu00a0anu00a0animation studio. Although many viewers called The Legend ofu00a0Lucky Pie au00a0parody ofu00a0 Adventure Time, some fans are looking forward tou00a0the new episodes.

Madagascar (2005) vsu00a0Lifeu2019s au00a0Jungle: Africau2019s Most Wanted (2012)

u00a9 DreamWorks Animation u00a0 u00a9 Prevalent Entertainment u00a0

The plot follows the story ofu00a0au00a0dog named Pip who got lost inu00a0the jungle during au00a0safari and had tou00a0adapt tou00a0au00a0new way ofu00a0life inu00a0the wild. Sounds familiar, right? Lifeu2019s au00a0Jungle isu00a0au00a0blatant Madagascar rip-off with horrific animation, au00a0predictable plot, and poor voice acting.

Brave (2012) vsu00a0Kiara the Brave (2011)

u00a9 Pixar u00a0 u00a9 Shemaroo Entertainment u00a0

Kiara the Brave isu00a0anu00a0Indian animated film that was released inu00a0the United States inu00a02012. Although the plot had nothing tou00a0dou00a0with Pixaru2019s famous Brave, the distribution company was accused ofu00a0plagiarism because ofu00a0the cover art: itu00a0showed only the redheaded Kiara, and she isu00a0not even au00a0main character.

Kung Fuu00a0Panda (2008) vsu00a0The Little Panda Fighter (2008)

u00a9 DreamWorks Animation u00a0 u00a9 Video Brinquedo u00a0

The Brazilian animated film The Little Panda Fighter received extremely negative feedback from audiences. Like most cartoons ofu00a0its kind, itu00a0isu00a0lacking inu00a0high-quality animation, character development, and decent soundtracks.

The Simpsons (1989-) vsu00a0The Samsonadzes (2009-)

u00a9 20th Century Fox u00a0 u00a9 Shalva Ramishvili u00a0

The Samsonadzes isu00a0au00a0Georgian animated series about au00a0yellow-skinned cartoon family weirdly reminiscent ofu00a0 The Simpsons. Shalva Ramishvili, au00a0production director ofu00a0the cartoon, claims that his work isu00a0not au00a0copy but au00a0unique idea that reflects the Georgian mindset. Well, most critics take this statement with au00a0pinch ofu00a0salt and are pretty sure about the real inspiration behind this series.

Ratatouille (2007) vsu00a0Ratatoing (2007)

u00a9 Pixar u00a0 u00a9 Video Brinquedo u00a0

This Brazilian rip-off isu00a0considered tou00a0beu00a0the most horrific ofu00a0all time. Thanks tou00a0the terrible script, dull story, and horrible animation, itu2019s close tou00a0impossible tou00a0sit through the whole thing (even though itu2019s only 44u00a0minutes long!).

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! (1969-1970) vsu00a0Goober and the Ghost Chasers (1973-1975)

u00a9 Hanna-Barbera Productions u00a0 u00a9 ABC u00a0

Produced byu00a0Hanna-Barbera Productions inu00a01973, Goober and the Ghost Chasers isu00a0definitely not the worst rip-off onu00a0our list. This animated series replicates the original Scooby-Doo almost exactly, with just slight changes tou00a0the plot. But still, the show received positive reviews from audiences with anu00a0IMDb rating ofu00a07.1.

Upu00a0(2009) vsu00a0Whatu2019s Upu00a0(2009)

u00a9 Pixar u00a0 u00a9 Video Brinquedo u00a0

This cartoon was created byu00a0the same Brazilian production company that made Ratatoing and The Little Panda Fighter. Terrible voicework, poor animation quality, and stupid dialogue make itu00a0impossible tou00a0watch. Viewers even complained that some parts ofu00a0the cartoon come off asu00a0racist!

Bee Movie (2007) vsu00a0Plan Bee (2007)

u00a9 DreamWorks Animation u00a0 u00a9 Spark Plug Entertainment u00a0

Plan Bee isu00a0au00a0mockbuster created byu00a0Sparkling Entertainment inu00a02007. The cartoon has been widely criticized for ambiguous dialogue, lazy below-average animation, and au00a0lack ofu00a0kid-friendly jokes.

The Princess and the Frog (2009) vsu00a0The Frog Prince (2009)

u00a9 Walt Disney Animation Studios u00a0 u00a9 Video Brinquedo u00a0

Created byu00a0Video Brinquedo Studio, also known asu00a0Anu00a0Asylum ofu00a0Animation, The Frog Prince isu00a0nou00a0different from any other cartoon produced byu00a0this Brazilian company. Annoying characters, blocky animation, and shallow writing make you appreciate the original even more.

Happy Feet (2006) vsu00a0Tappy Toes (2011)

u00a9 Warner Bros. u00a0 u00a9 Gaiam Entertainment u00a0

Tappy Toes isu00a0quite anu00a0obvious rip-off ofu00a0 Happy Feet with the difference being that now the penguin isu00a0learning how tou00a0dance and has tou00a0fight against evil sea lions. Surprisingly, despite its poor visual quality, itu00a0received some positive reviews for its ability tou00a0give au00a0good laugh and its funny and relatable characters.

Au00a0Bugu2019s Life (1998) vsu00a0Bug Bites: Anu00a0Antu2019s Life (1998)

u00a9 Pixar u00a0 u00a9 Michael Schelp u00a0

Bug Bites suffers from the same problems most rip-offs do: au00a0low budget, nou00a0decent plot, and hilarious animation. But this one has au00a0huge advantage for sure: its running time isu00a0only 25u00a0minutes, sou00a0itu2019s the shortest mockbuster ofu00a0all time!

Bonus: Kimba the White Lion (1965-1967) vsu00a0The Lion King (1994)

u00a9 Mushi Production u00a0 u00a9 Walt Disney Animation u00a0

Thereu2019s been au00a0hot debate asu00a0tou00a0whether Disneyu2019s masterpiece The Lion King isu00a0just au00a0knockoff ofu00a0the Japanese animated series Kimba the White Lion. Although Disney denied any connection between these cartoons, many viewers noticed plenty ofu00a0similarities, mostly inu00a0animation and visuals. Inu00a0one interview, animator Tom Sito said that heu00a0took nou00a0inspiration from Kimba, but some people working onu00a0this project may have seen the Japanese series asu00a0kids since itu00a0was quite popular inu00a0the u201960s. Sou00a0this situation isu00a0just au00a0coincidence, and nou00a0one took materials from Kimba deliberately.

But atu00a0the end ofu00a0the day, both ofu00a0these cartoons are real masterpieces with fans ofu00a0all ages around the world.

Would you like tou00a0watch any ofu00a0these cartoons? Share withu00a0us inu00a0the comments!

Preview photo credit DreamWorks Animation, Spark Plug Entertainment

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