27 Things Created by People With a Great Sense of Humor

Injoy News | Dec. 11, 2017

Not all manufacturers are crazy about marketing and sales numbers. Some ofu00a0them actually take the opportunity tou00a0make au00a0joke and produce really unusual stuff.

Bright Side gathered some ofu00a0the best examples ofu00a0items that were created byu00a0people with au00a0great sense ofu00a0humor.

1. Genius packaging

u00a9 TheElasticPancake/reddit u00a0

2. Au00a0simple way tou00a0make your love life brighter

u00a9 NoveltyBedSheets u00a0

3. Think twice before stepping onu00a0it.

u00a9 The890Gamer / imgur u00a0


u2014u00a0What dou00a0weu00a0have for breakfast, Barrymore?

u2014u00a0Porridge, sir!

u00a9 doctor00000 / pikabu u00a0

5. Itu00a0looks really cheap.

u00a9 Asaroth / imgur u00a0

6. "Myu00a0dog ripped open her toy, and there was au00a0sadder toy inside."

u00a9 omgxsonny / reddit u00a0

7. Iu00a0didnu2019t see this coming.

u00a9 unknown author / imgur u00a0

8. When youu2019re au00a0real beast inside:

u00a9 Chida / pikabu u00a0

9. This "Nana Slicer" makes myu00a0grandma sad.

u00a9 thejesskat / reddit u00a0

10. Dou00a0you want the chills oru00a0the tears?

u00a9 meridianz.io / pikabu u00a0

11. Au00a0winner ofu00a0absolutely nou00a0awards. But who cares?

u00a9 Drew96 / pikabu u00a0

12. Hotter than inu00a0Mordor!

u00a9 unknown author / imgur u00a0

13. Pure magic inu00a0every piece

u00a9 EveryYellowMolecule / imgur u00a0

14. Sore throat lozenges

u00a9 Ricola u00a0

15. Weu00a0appreciate au00a0good pun.

u00a9 Danny23lol / imgur u00a0

16. That moment when au00a0producer knows the customer too well.

u00a9 unknown author / imgur u00a0

17. Isu00a0this the effect oru00a0the ingredient?

u00a9 Gesserrr / pikabu u00a0

18. This packaging will tell you how tou00a0make someone else dou00a0the dishes.

u00a9 Henkel u00a0

19. Weu00a0know what you love doing inu00a0the shower.

u00a9 lysergzwerg / imgur u00a0

20. Magic mushrooms

u00a9 qpedepal / pikabu u00a0

21. For those who love red wine and white carpets

u00a9 unknown author / imgur u00a0

22. Practice Zen with Skittles.

u00a9 99flamey1 / imgur u00a0 u00a9 Skittles u00a0

23. "Good guy die manufacturer. Puts die inu00a0your die sou00a0when your die dies, you have au00a0new die."

u00a9 dickfromaccounting / reddit u00a0

24. When youu2019re allergic tou00a0cats but love them anyway:

u00a9 reddit u00a0

25. Everyone needs au00a0hug.

u00a9 readysetloop/imgur u00a0

26. Yes, they are real.

u00a9 amazon u00a0

27. Facial, anyone? Just make sure you donu2019t scare your family.

u00a9 papermag u00a0

Have you ever seen things inu00a0the supermarket that put au00a0smile onu00a0your face? Share your photos inu00a0the comments tou00a0makeu00a0us smile too.

Preview photo credit amazon, readysetloop/imgur

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