25 People Who Had Something Go Wrong at Work

Inspiration | Dec. 11, 2017

We are all humans, and humans make mistakes. Moreover, even huge machines that produce mass consumption goods — toys, clothes, packages — can go wrong. Sometimes it’s harmless, and sometimes such fails make our hair curl.

In this article Bright Side shares 25 of the most epic failures in production that will make your inner perfectionist cringe all day long.

It seems that someone’s sick and tired of making bars at different factories.

Now I see this dude on the right in my dreams.

They missed by several thousand kilometers. Or is it irony?

Fanta from a parallel universe.

This is the best coffee mug. Or the worst...


The illusionist’s schemes.

This toilet paper roll knows something you don’t.

So close.

When the example in front of you isn’t enough.

Houston, we have a problem.

Treacherous elevator.

When you missed your morning cup of coffee and try to act natural.

A drawer that enrages.

I pity the poor kid who eats this ice cream.

You’ll never be alone with such a door.

Are they kidding?!

Someone accidentally used copy & paste.

I expected more from you, Animal Planet.

Everything’s fair in the war of the brands.

A staircase for those with strong spirit.

Batman can take offense.

Macintosh is no longer the same.

The perfectionist’s hell.

They did it all wrong.

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