Need A Digital Detox? Put The Phone Down At Camp Grounded

Brilliance | Dec. 11, 2017

Could you give up all your digital devices for a long weekend in the wilderness? Plenty of people are looking to throw about $500 at the opportunity to do just that. Welcome to Camp Grounded, the digital detox summer camp for adults. The camp began in 2013 in the Northern California Redwoods, and has since expanded to more locations.

The camp lasts four days and accommodates about 300 adults looking for a digital cleanse. Not only are smartphones, tablets, and laptops banned at the camp, but campers also assume a camp name and are forbidden from talking about their job. In fact, just saying the word "work" is taboo. This poses a challenge for campers, especially during introductions, but camp rules force individuals to describe themselves in more creative and personal ways. See what the camp is like, and learn the science of technology addiction, with these videos.

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