18 Pictures Showing That Disney Characters Would Fare Quite Well in Our World

Inspiration | Dec. 11, 2017

We watch cartoons to delve into their magical worlds and get away from reality. But what if our favorite characters were here among us?

We at Bright Side imagined what it would be like for them in our universe.

They would also like to take selfies.

Both heroes and villains would use social networks and messengers.

They would work in open spaces.

Some of them might even make careers there.

They would spend time in coffee shops and fast food joints.

They’d have fun with mobile apps.

They’d definitely do sports...

...maybe even extreme ones.

Some of them would go vegan...

...to stay in good shape.

They’d live active lives.

Some would succumb to fashion trends.

They’d still stay hot and cool, though.

Both good and bad guys would tattoo themselves.

They would not meet each other at a ball.

All the fights between good and evil would take place in the virtual world.

They’d love traveling just as we do.

As well as spending time with their friends.

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