The Cheapest Michelin-starred Restaurant Is A Singapore Street Stand

Brilliance | Dec. 10, 2017

If you think Michelin-starred restaurants are reserved exclusively for the classiest and wealthiest one-percenters, you're wrong. It's true that these top-rated foodie hotspots are generally pretty pricey, but they can also be downright cheap. Enter HK Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle. This street food stand in Singapore is the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. You can the signature dish here for $1.85—that's basically a value menu item at any given fast food joint. Cheers!

When chef of the stand, Chan Hon Meng, received the call from Michelin in July of 2016, he thought they were joking. Meng's restaurant is the only food stand to ever earn a Michelin star, and for good reason. The stand, which serves Hong Kong-style soya sauce chicken, always has a wait of about an hour and a half. Since earning the recognition, Meng has worked 17-hour days preparing about 180 chickens every day—about 30 more than usual—just to keep up with demand. Learn more about Meng and his amazing food stand in the video below.

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