Man escapes crocodile by shoving reed down its throat

EagleHeadline | Jun. 18, 2017

Zimbabwean officials have warned villagers living near the Save River in southeastern Zimbabwe to move around in pairs after a man was attacked by a crocodile.

Vhusani Munyire, 28, managed to escape a crocodile that ambushed him by shoving a reed down its throat, according to a local newspaper.

The crocodile had apparently sunk its jaws into Munyire’s leg as he crossed the Save River last Saturday.

“Munyire fought back and with the reptile’s jaws exposed, he inserted a reed into its wide open mouth,” the newspaper said.

“In an instant it released its grip and Munyire made his way out of the water and crawled to safety on the sandy shore.”

Munyire is currently being treated at a local clinic.

Photos published by the newspaper reveal Munyire with the bone of his leg exposed.

The news comes after South African hunter Scott van Zyl was believed to have been taken by a crocodile on the banks of the Limpopo River in Zimbabwe earlier this month.

Some believe that the recent heavy-rain that has caused flooding in the south of the country and rising river and dam levels elsewhere, has allowed crocodiles to shift locations to places where they are not normally found.

It also means that locals have had to tread on wetland when making certain trips.

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