To Avoid Collision, Birds Always Veer Right

Brilliance | Dec. 10, 2017

Birds seem to have an uncanny ability to avoid collisions in the sky. As it turns out, the bird community has a little trick for avoiding violent crashes when flying in crowded areas: They always veer right. Research at The University of Queensland made this stunning revelation after studying the pet birds known as budgies in September 2016. Bird flight has evolved over 150 million years, so it seems as though our feathered friends have had some time to sort this out. Good job, birds.

According to researchers involved in this finding, birds must have been under evolutionary pressure to assert some sort of flight organization to minimize the risk of collision. Before this study, no one had looked at what happens when birds fly directly toward each other. In that same study, researchers also observed that birds tend to fly at different heights. This has yet to be studied, but the researchers think there may be some sort of hierarchy involved. And speaking of bird flight, learn how they know where to migrate in the video below.

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