A married man was captivated by the woman of his dreams in a supermarket queue

Inspiration | Dec. 09, 2017

Jason Hewlett, a happily married professional entertainer with four children, was waiting in a checkout queue when he noticed a beautiful woman ahead of him.

In that moment of instant physical attraction, Jason felt an uncomfortable pang of guilt and feared that he had ’sort of cheated’ on his wife.

As he says in his Facebook post:

Then, a split second later, he realized the woman was actually his wife who, as fate would have it, was shopping at the same store at exactly the same time.

Jason contemplated getting her attention, but instead stood back and silently observed her as she paid for her shopping and left, oblivious to her awestruck husband who was coming to a profound realization that was later to form the basis of a super sweet Facebook post.

All couples can learn a valuable lesson from Jason’s chance encounter: to remember to look at our spouse through the eyes of a stranger in a supermarket queue, and remind ourselves exactly why we fell in love with them at the beginning.

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