The Six Giants of Copenhagen Can Only Be Found by Treasure Map

Brilliance | Dec. 09, 2017

Hidden in the woods that surround Copenhagen, Denmark are six wooden giants, each ready to be found by an adventurer with the right spirit. An artist with a passion for upcycling created each of the figures to inspire two things: exploration, and conservation. That's because each of the giants is made entirely from scavenged materials.

Art For Adventurers

The work of Copenhagen native Thomas Dambo centers on DIY upcycling projects that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. From a huge pixel installation known as Happy Wall to community birdhouses to exciting interior design concepts, his work runs the upcycling gambit. But a particular standout for both its look and raison d'être are the six wooden giants hidden throughout the forests of Copenhagen, all six of which can only be found with a treasure map or by stumbling upon nearby stones featuring poems riddled with clues.

There's the ironically named Little Tilde, who towers two men high as she leans on a pair of trees, and the decidedly laid back Thomas On The Mountain. Oscar Under The Bridge might just ask you a riddle, while Hilltop Trine will hold you in the palm of her hand. Each of the six giants are unique in their own right, and you can see them all on one immersive excursion by hopping on a bike and unfurling the treasure map like the adventurer we all are deep down.

Built Out of Love

Having grown up in the area, Thomas wanted to inspire people to visit his favorite spots; areas of the region that few have the pleasure to explore because you won't find them in any guidebook (at least, prior to these art installations). But beyond that, he wanted to inspire community oriented efforts, both globally and locally. As he put it: "I hope my art will inspire people to see the big potential in recycling and taking better care of our planet."

Given the fact that he constructed the wooden giants using only scavenged materials—including 600 wood pallets and an old shed—and the help of the local volunteers (whose names inspired each giant's moniker), he's created a communal showcase that could inspire people all over the world to go exploring and improve their own communities.

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