18 Hilarious Morning Sights People Actually Woke Up To

Injoy News | Dec. 09, 2017

How often dou00a0you look around tou00a0see whatu2019s goingu00a0on? Some people donu2019t notice any strangeness surrounding them. Letu2019s see what can happen tou00a0any ofu00a0us, get inspired byu00a0this, and start discovering things tou00a0make our day better.

Bright Side shares with you amusing ways ofu00a0starting au00a0day and encourages everybody tou00a0make our what-I-woke-up-to collection richer!

Iu00a0wake upu00a0tou00a0this every morning. Iu2019m wondering ifu00a0I even have the right tou00a0beu00a0here.

u00a9 bjohn84 / imgur u00a0

They say life changes after au00a0wedding. This isu00a0whatu00a0I woke upu00a0tou00a0the morning after mine.

u00a9 ionlywantedonescoop / imgur u00a0

Myu00a0friend doesnu2019t stop surprisingu00a0me, even when heu2019s drunk. Woke upu00a0tou00a0this. Curious about whatu2019s next.

u00a9 chocation / imgur u00a0

Woke upu00a0tou00a0this. Heu2019s not allowed onu00a0the bed, sou00a0thatu2019s how heu00a0got off the hook.

u00a9 AndThatsAllSheWrote / reddit u00a0

Woke upu00a0tou00a0some idiots blaring Aerosmith outside. Turned out tou00a0beu00a0Aerosmith.

u00a9 not_vulva / reddit u00a0

Iu00a0think Iu2019ll stay home today.

u00a9 Typtphus / imgur u00a0

Iu00a0wake upu00a0every day realizing that Iu2019m anu00a0unwanted guest here.

u00a9 Rottencandyteeth / imgur u00a0

Watch out when you hear au00a0knocking atu00a0the door inu00a0Jamaica.

u00a9 B_Underscore / reddit u00a0

Woke upu00a0tou00a0this. Myu00a0boyfriend had au00a0little too much yesterday, Iu00a0believe.

u00a9 themusicman777 / reddit u00a0

Myu00a0wife andu00a0I were about tou00a0have au00a0heart attack when weu00a0woke upu00a0tou00a0this screen onu00a0the baby monitor.

u00a9 zzzzzxx / reddit u00a0

This isu00a0what you wake upu00a0tou00a0after having au00a0broken arm and spending au00a0night with your friends.

u00a9 dustio / reddit u00a0

Thought Iu00a0was still having au00a0nightmare atu00a0first.

u00a9 donut_donut / reddit u00a0

Woke upu00a0tou00a0au00a0noise. Itu2019s not myu00a0house anymore.

u00a9 RIPmod / reddit u00a0

Woke upu00a0tou00a0this. Everythingu2019d beu00a0cool ifu00a0itu00a0was our cat.

u00a9 DeathByUngaBunga / imgur u00a0

Heu00a0knows how tou00a0make meu00a0feed him.

u00a9 Plainbox / reddit u00a0

This isu00a0not exactly what his mom expected tou00a0see after wakingu00a0up.

u00a9 MikeOckizard / reddit u00a0

This was waiting for meu00a0outside myu00a0daughteru2019s bedroom door. Good morning tou00a0you too!

u00a9 mrshappypants / reddit u00a0

Iu00a0did this piece ofu00a0art whenu00a0I was au00a0little bit drunk. Atu00a0least itu2019s not like others!

u00a9 ddito / reddit u00a0

Having seen all these amusing photographs, one might wonder ifu00a0thereu2019s something like that aroundu00a0us. All these hilarious mornings are just the beginning. Share inu00a0the comments what you wake upu00a0tou00a0inu00a0the mornings!

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