The 35 Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Will Ever See

Inspiration | Dec. 09, 2017

It takes a special kind of luck to snap a photo that is so perfectly timed that it looks either hilarious or disastrous, or maybe both. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a photo like this; it’s all about the timing. Sometimes the best photos are the ones you never meant to take.

We at Bright Side appreciate creativity. From time to time, we collect unusual photos that capture the funniest, most fascinating, unexpected moments. Enjoy!

Yes, sir, my dog always looks like this.

The headless horseman, or....the horse-headed man?

Just the usual morning alien swim.

When people look a bit too much like their pets.

A refreshing hat.

Humpback whales lunge out of ocean.

Bird’s eye view.

That bowtie? With those shoes?

Force of habit.

This aquapark looks fun.

A classy train ride.

The curious monkey.

Now that’s looking death right in the face.

Always bring a fire breathing dog to the party.

All is lost.

That’s one wave I wouldn’t want to surf.

As long as they’re all having fun...

A true love tail.

Fizzy science.

This merman doesn’t look right.

You know, just walking on water. The usual.

A cat-erpillar.


A moment of pure joy.

Probably not the best time to be yawning.

Big splash coming in one... two...

Headfirst into serenity.

Congratulations, it’s a girl!

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