Nigerian lady kicked off Turkish flight due to assaulting air hostess

EagleHeadline | Jun. 21, 2017

A Nigerian lady got booted out of a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Abuja for allegedly attacking a female air hostess on Tuesday.

According to reports, trouble started after the Nigerian asked the white hostess to give her water, but the hostess refused because the flight had not taken off.

After a while, the Nigerian lady confronted the hostess and asked her for water again to which she obliged saying: "It's not time to give out water, we give out water after the flight takes off not before take off".

The lady was said to have smashed the cup out of the hostess' hand and spilled water on her body.

The hostess got angry and reported to the head pilot who immediately contacted the police to remove the lady from the plane.

Watch the video below:

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