28 People Who Managed to Perform Their Job But Failed to Notice One Thing

Injoy News | Dec. 08, 2017

Creativity and ingenuity are wonderful qualities. But sometimes extraordinary ideas appear tou00a0beu00a0failing.

Bright Side gathered the funniest examples ofu00a0work that got out ofu00a0control.

For the laziest people

u00a9 Travpena/reddit u00a0

"Myu00a0friend just bought au00a0new house. The old owners must have been geniuses."

u00a9 AlliumVineale/reddit u00a0

Strangest lamp ever

u00a9 JackmanWorks/imgur u00a0

"Atu00a0leastu00a0I can see myu00a0face inu00a0the mirror now."

u00a9 BomgKampot/pikabu u00a0

Just au00a0minor mistake...

u00a9 BomgKampot/pikabu u00a0

"Myu00a0hotel roomu2019s bath isu00a0lower than the floor level."

u00a9 Stryfe84/reddit u00a0

They call itu00a0au00a0flat-screen TV.

u00a9 The_one_and_only_PLB/reddit u00a0

Au00a0local pizzeriau2019s wall

u00a9 FatzTheCat/reddit u00a0

"Iu2019ve seen lots ofu00a0benches. But this one..."

u00a9 Alsey/pikabu u00a0

"OK, itu2019s repaired."

u00a9 rminik/pikabu u00a0

Au00a0scarf made ofu00a0socks inu00a0anu00a0actual store

u00a9 BlueIndustries/reddit u00a0

Myu00a0relatives created au00a0strange shelf.

u00a9 feignnocence/reddit u00a0

IKEA finds toy rails great for decorating.

u00a9 Here4damemes/reddit u00a0

Retro version ofu00a0au00a0gyroscooter

u00a9 flightist/reddit u00a0

Glasses repaired with the help ofu00a0random pieces!

u00a9 WillyMac/imgur u00a0


u00a9 you-just-readit/reddit u00a0

When you need anu00a0office chair correlating with your job:

u00a9 golden_bulldog/reddit u00a0

They had tou00a0put coffee onu00a0this coffee table.

u00a9 MTNVINNY/reddit u00a0

The previous owners used au00a0can tou00a0fix the floor.

u00a9 docmarty73/reddit u00a0

Au00a0really cool front porch

u00a9 bdizzyhrizzy/reddit u00a0

For real comfort lovers

u00a9 kevinaud/reddit u00a0

Heu00a0just didnu2019t bother about repairingu00a0it.

u00a9 BleakDolphin/reddit u00a0

Itu2019s fine. Letu2019s leave itu00a0like this.

u00a9 IamMrPiggy-PS/reddit u00a0

Itu2019s impossible tou00a0resist.

u00a9 LordTrollsworth/reddit u00a0

The whole world turned upside down.

u00a9 MlSFITS/reddit u00a0

This optimization isu00a0worth anu00a0award.

u00a9 k4rm4tt4ck/reddit u00a0

One brick couch

u00a9 Tallstuff/reddit u00a0

Ifu00a0Iu2019m not mistaken, something isu00a0missing.

u00a9 12563692/reddit u00a0

And what examples ofu00a0excessive creativity dou00a0you know? Share withu00a0us inu00a0the comments.

Preview photo credit Stryfe84/reddit

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