20 Incredible Things That Happen Only When It’s Really Cold

Injoy News | Dec. 08, 2017

Even ifu00a0weu00a0like summer much more than winter, weu00a0have tou00a0admit that some interesting, surprising, and beautiful things can happen only when the temperature goes down.

Bright Side searched for pictures showing the magic ofu00a0winter. Even though some ofu00a0them look disturbing, itu2019s hard tou00a0look away from them.

1. Hot water inu00a0the freezing cold

2. Car fully covered with ice

u00a9 reuters u00a0

3. Frozen soap bubble

4. Anu00a0electric pasture fence

5. Naturally formed thin ice looks like au00a0flower.

6. Iced berries

7. Frozen pier and boats

8. Halou00a0u2014 ice crystals inu00a0the air interact with sunlight.

9. Perfect still wave

10. Huge snowman

11. Large frozen waterfall

12. Silhouette ofu00a0au00a0car

13. Frozen bubbles inu00a0au00a0lake inu00a0Canada

14. Au00a0bit cold tou00a0ride au00a0bicycle!

15. Winter hairstyle...

16. ...and au00a0frosty beard

17. Absolutely everything isu00a0covered with ice.

18. Solid ice wall

19. Below freezing inu00a0Central Park

20. Icy flowers

Dou00a0you like winter? Tellu00a0us inu00a0the comments, and share your photos ofu00a0frozen beauty!

Preview photo credit Samuel John / flickr, carbaseuk / instagram

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