28 Siblings Everyone Dreams of Having in Their Family

Injoy News | Dec. 09, 2017

Our siblingsu2019 creativity isu00a0boundless when itu00a0comes tou00a0pranks. And itu2019s perfect! Weu00a0bet you always wait for new jokes from them.

Bright Side invites you tou00a0enjoy this compilation ofu00a0pranks from our nearest and dearest. Byu00a0the way, youu2019ll definitely find inspiration here!

"Myu00a0brother hates Nicolas Cage. Iu00a0achieved au00a0new prank level today: over 1,000 photos ofu00a0this actor all over the house."

u00a9 Timbo57 / imgur u00a0

"Sou00a0myu00a0brother isu00a0onu00a0au00a0road trip, and this isu00a0the single picture heu00a0sendsu00a0me."

u00a9 lampshit / reddit u00a0

"Iu00a0used tou00a0joke about how myu00a0brother dresses like au00a05-year-old, and heu00a0always deniedu00a0it. Yesterday heu00a0sent this."

u00a9 dm919 / reddit u00a0

"Myu00a0brother left meu00a0his house for the weekend. Iu00a0hope heu2019ll like myu00a0shrine tou00a0Terry Crews inu00a0his room."

u00a9 BiPolarBear911 / reddit u00a0

"Thatu2019s how myu00a0dog looks when myu00a0brother takes care ofu00a0him."

u00a9 pzuraq / reddit u00a0

Being the older brother means giving only cool presents. Being the younger brother means giving only presents you can afford.

u00a9 UnrealRico / imgur u00a0

"Mom asked meu00a0tou00a0take myu00a0younger brother withu00a0me. Heu2019s onu00a0the left. Yes, heu00a0stands out from our company."

u00a9 IHateSnickers / imgur u00a0

"Myu00a0brother mailed meu00a0au00a0potato...again."

u00a9 magoo_ / reddit u00a0

Heu00a0almost dropped his sisteru2019s baby. This young mother has good self-control.

u00a9 Tehbasedgod / imgur u00a0

52u00a0chips onu00a0myu00a0brotheru2019s head. Weu00a0hope this kid will appreciate all the effort spent onu00a0this inu00a0the future.

u00a9 WarAndPeach / imgur u00a0

"Myu00a0sister asked meu00a0tou00a0bring her dog from Dallas tou00a0Austin, sou00a0I sent her this picture and said weu00a0were onu00a0the way."

u00a9 frostytoeside / reddit u00a0

When your older brother isu00a0learning tou00a0drive, you have tou00a0show self-control...or you donu2019t haveu00a0to.

u00a9 AdamAtkison / imgur u00a0

Revenge isu00a0au00a0dish best served cold.

u00a9 loxus / imgur u00a0

"Iu00a0replaced au00a0picture ofu00a0myu00a0sister with one ofu00a0Vladimir Putin before myu00a0family came over for Christmas. They havenu2019t noticed yet."

u00a9 kittie-cat / imgur u00a0

"The first year myu00a0little brother gets au00a0present from meu00a0for Christmas."

u00a9 unknown author / imgur u00a0

"Myu00a0sister threw her report card inu00a0the bin sou00a0Mom couldnu2019t seeu00a0it. Great opportunity for family bonding."

u00a9 TheMetti / reddit u00a0

"Did au00a0little Photoshop practice onu00a0au00a0school picture ofu00a0myu00a0sister. Now she resembles Sheryl Lee even more."

u00a9 reddit / unknown author u00a0

"Myu00a0sister and her boyfriend are heading upu00a0tou00a0our cabin tomorrow night, sou00a0I left them au00a0present for when they turn onu00a0the lights."

u00a9 Spike4134 / imgur u00a0

"Sou00a0Iu00a0send myu00a0sister au00a0photo ofu00a0au00a0partyu00a0I had when myu00a0parents were away. She sent meu00a0this back. Itu2019s myu00a0dad."

u00a9 Zactheman50 / reddit u00a0

When you ask your siblings tou00a0surprise you with au00a0birthday cake:

u00a9 tonyshades / reddit u00a0

"Myu00a0sister recently cut off her hair. She knows itu00a0creeps meu00a0out, sou00a0I find itu00a0inu00a0the most unexpected places."

u00a9 whynotdrew / reddit u00a0

"Myu00a0brother andu00a0I became uncles tou00a0twins this week. First impressions are important, sou00a0naturally, weu00a0shaved and dressed tou00a0impress."

u00a9 kraziefrazie / reddit u00a0

"This isu00a0how myu00a0daughter dresses when she accompanies her brother tou00a0school."

u00a9 MatthewSmith58 / reddit u00a0

"Myu00a013-year-old sister thinks itu2019s hilarious."

u00a9 WhuddupBoiz / reddit u00a0

"Myu00a0brother sent meu00a0au00a0pic ofu00a0him with myu00a0daughter."

u00a9 ne0nnightmare / imgur u00a0

Nothing changes through the years. Ever.

u00a9 woodyj /imgur.com u00a0

Despite all the tricks our brothers and sisters arrange foru00a0us, weu00a0still love them asu00a0much asu00a0they loveu00a0us. And how dou00a0you prank your family members? Share inu00a0the comments!

Preview photo credit woodyj /imgur.com

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