26 People Who Will Do Anything to Be Different From Everyone Else

Injoy News | Dec. 08, 2017

Today Bright Side brings you au00a0selection ofu00a026u00a0unexpected solutions from people who refuse tou00a0beu00a0like everyone else. Ifu00a0you scroll tou00a0the end ofu00a0the article, weu00a0are sure youu2019ll come upu00a0with some unusual ideas yourself.

Au00a0regular fireplace isu00a0sou00a0outdated.

u00a9 arthik/pikabu u00a0

Everyone says heu2019s au00a0shoe-in. Literally.

u00a9 imgur u00a0

Whatu2019s "soma ulte"?

u00a9 imgur u00a0

"The best and only way tou00a0eat this...from the middle and cold."

u00a9 RaSunGod79/imgur u00a0

Youu2019ve just movedu00a0in, but your guests want some coffee.

u00a9 Lilianna86/pikabu u00a0

Anu00a0endless summer inu00a0and onu00a0your head!

u00a9 arthik/pikabu u00a0

These swings promise au00a0rough ride.

u00a9 Snoooop/pikabu u00a0

Itu2019s kind ofu00a0au00a0girly place.

u00a9 Meninbox/pikabu u00a0

Iu00a0feel pretty, oh, sou00a0pretty.

u00a9 imgur u00a0

The perks ofu00a0being anu00a0introvert

u00a9 ibvazz/pikabu u00a0

When Dad promised tou00a0play with you:

u00a9 CJIECAPb1991/pikabu u00a0

Nou00a0time tou00a0explain! Dou00a0it!

u00a9 Gamma008/pikabu u00a0

When your grandma has the seat next tou00a0you onu00a0the plane:

u00a9 oragul/pikabu u00a0

Iu00a0think the baker was hungry...

u00a9 Buffo0n/pikabu u00a0

You always come today!

u00a9 LavieBelle/pikabu u00a0

When thereu2019s something hotter than money inu00a0your briefcase:

u00a9 TriadaX/pikabu u00a0

Attention! This isu00a0the territory ofu00a0art.

u00a9 galleryzaitsev/pikabu u00a0

Every little thing should beu00a0special.

u00a9 thekahub/reddit u00a0

Iu00a0donu2019t think itu00a0fits.

u00a9 LinkPhoenix/pikabu u00a0

When youu2019re fragile and donu2019t want tou00a0break:

u00a9 alexmix/pikabu u00a0

This isu00a0how au00a0proper kebab should beu00a0served.

u00a9 Tatarin1983/pikabu u00a0

What will you dou00a0now, cat?

u00a9 tigerous/pikabu u00a0

When driving onu00a0au00a0road isu00a0for ordinary people:

u00a9 shybin/pikabu u00a0

When au00a0cat doesnu2019t want his man tou00a0leave for work:

u00a9 fessy/pikabu u00a0

Itu2019s cold out there inu00a0space.

u00a9 ovalovalo/pikabu u00a0

When you want tou00a0beu00a0au00a0cutie but youu2019re actually au00a0dinosaur:

u00a9 kv1520/pikabu u00a0

Have you ever met people who can totally express themselves inu00a0the most unusual ways? Share your photos and stories inu00a0the comments.

Preview photo credit craptastic/imgur, pikabu

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