Is Elvis Presley Alive? Did He Fake His Death?

Brilliance | Dec. 08, 2017

Elvis Presley, or the "King of Rock and Roll," is the subject of many conspiracy theories, but the most popular one is certainly the idea that he is still alive. Many fans firmly believe that Elvis Presley faked his August 16, 1977 death, and they even cite mysterious bits of evidence to prove it.

First, his cause of death was listed as irregular heartbeat — a condition that can only be diagnosed in the living — and was later changed to accidental overdose. His stepbrother, David Stanley, claimed it was suicide, and then in 2010 one of Elvis' doctors said the legendary singer's death was caused by untreated constipation.

Another strange bit of the tale is that Elvis' father, Vernon, ordered Elvis' autopsy and death certificate to be kept private. However, they are scheduled to become available to the public in 2027, 50 years after his death.

Elvis, if you're out there, drop us an email. Or at least get into the studio and record a duet with Beyoncé or something.

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