The revolution will be boring, the future of work and other top stories of the week

Technology Eye | Dec. 08, 2017

Jobs and cities battle it out. Predictions for the future of work .

It’s not just how much your child sleeps that matters. It’s when .

Automation’s real risk? Boredom . Drugs on the dark web and financing terror. Time to regulate cryptocurrencies ? See the earth breathe. An animation shows 20 years of climate change . What might cure cancer? A robot made of algae . Who’s going where? 9 charts show the state of global migration .

Men outperform women in MBA programs. This exercise closes the gap. The best storytellers have the most children. What hunter gatherers value . How China chats. Your guide to Chinese social media . An overlooked cause of state aggression: the World Cup . Want a good job? Economists say: work on your social skills .

A man among female leaders. Cites Global Gender Gap Report. ( New York Times ) The most popular international organizations on social media. The Forum is mentioned. ( Quartz ) Hi-tech firms thrive in Guangzhou. Quotes Forum executive chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. ( China Daily ) Bitcoin, blockchain and the new revolution. Another citation of Forum founder Professor Klaus Schwab. ( Royal Gazette ) Bangladesh leads South Asia in empowering women. The country is rising in the Global Gender Gap Index. ( Diplomat )

SOURCE: World Economic Forum

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