10 Famous Cartoons That Have Analogs in Other Countries

Inspiration | Dec. 08, 2017

Every year we see new cartoons that capture the attention of both enthusiastic children and adults throughout the world. It’s interesting that these TV stories can look different in many countries.

Bright Side found cartoons from different parts of the globe in which characters and plots repeat or resemble each other in many ways. We invite you to compare their similarities.

In 2009, Georgia released a cartoon, the characters of which very much resemble the famous American animated series. In this version, the father of the family is called Gela, not Homer, and a green parrot joined the family’s pets.

In the Indian cartoon, the brave red-haired beauty isn’t the main character at all. Moreover, it came out a year before Brave under the name Super K. Yet after the appearance of a similar story by Pixar, the cartoon was renamed.

The Brazilian version of the popular cartoon has many similarities with the Japanese original. Yet the main character, Ash, is now called Alex, and his faithful friend is not Pikachu but Greendog.

The Japanese animated movie about the mighty king of Africa appeared on TV screens in 1965. Although there are no obvious repetitions in the Hollywood version, many journalists started talking about the similarity of the two cartoons after the release of The Lion King. It’s not surprising because the son of the king of beasts in the Japanese cartoon is called Kimba.

Those who know the original Cars well are unlikely to find anything new in the Brazilian version. The appearance of four-wheeled characters, the plot, and even the name of the cartoon is very close to the original.

The animation of Adventure Time in the Chinese version is made in the same style as the American original, and you can also find features of Finn and his friend, the magic dog Jake, in the characters’ appearances. The peculiarity of this project is that it’s created by only 2 people.

Brazilian animators not only created an analog of Pokémon but also presented a new view of Kung Fu Panda. A new character, very similar to our favorite Po, works in a boxing club and really wants to learn ballet.

It’s easy to find the echoes of the good old story about the joyful dog in the Australian animated TV series. Goober, whose color, however, is slightly different from Scooby-Doo, constantly becomes involved in various adventures and unravels mystical secrets with his friends.

And again the audience can see a story about rodents and cooking, this time made by Brazilian animators. Mice are everywhere: in the role of the chef, restaurant diners, and even villains who are trying to find out the secret ingredient in the "Ratatoing" restaurant.

American audiences are used to the story of Mowgli as told by the Walt Disney Company, but few know the Soviet adaptation of Kipling’s work, created in 5 parts at almost the same time as The Jungle Book. Both cartoons turned out to be extremely popular and have high ratings on the world’s top lists.

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