12 Behavior Rules That Can Make Us Happier

Inspiration | Dec. 08, 2017

12. Think positively, yet realistically.

11. Pamper yourself, but don’t give in to temptations.

10. Spend your days with people that can make you laugh, but don’t forget to allow yourself time to feel sad.

9. Don’t suppress negative emotions — channel them in a constructive direction instead.

8. Try to help others, but be careful not to exhaust yourself.

7. Take time-outs whenever you find it difficult to deal with something right away.

6. Don’t forget to experiment and remain curious.

5. Analyze yourself, but in a benevolent and loving manner.

4. Learn to let go of people and things.

3. Work at improving yourself, but do it gradually.

2. Remember — you can’t force yourself to be happy and well motivated around the clock.

1. Don’t keep yourself within artificial boundaries.

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for BrightSide.me

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