20 perfect color combos for your manicure

Inspiration | Dec. 07, 2017

Sometimes when you feel down or blue, the best way to cheer yourself up is to get your nails done. You arrive at the salon and get lost in the plethora of nail polish colors: dark blue, beige, bordeaux, scarlet. Which one do you choose, and how will you know if the colors you pick are a good match?

We hope these hints will help you make the right choice for your best manicure.

Light beige, dark gray and bordeaux

Noble gold and dark royal blue

Light beige and ripe cherry

Milky white and custard tones

Lavender and innocent peach

Light pink and gold

Bright yellow, red and orange

Black and white harmony

Turquoise, silver and white

Sapphire and navy blue

Purple and lavender

Coral and white

Milky white, lemon and raspberry

Lemon and black

Light brown and gold

Shades of gray, black and white

Tea rose, black and gold

Classy black and white

Dark brown, tangerine and white

All shades of gray

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