So lovely! 5-Year-Old girl's pet- a baby cow

EagleHeadline | July. 28, 2017

Living on a farm is always full of surprises and cuddly animal friends, just ask 5-year-old Breanna who lives on a farm with her family in Pennsylvania. The little girl is lucky enough to have her very own pet cow named Izzy, but she only wishes Izzy lived inside. One day while just hanging out around the house, Breanna saw Izzy out in the cold and formulated an idea.

Breanna decided to invite her tiny heifer inside on the family porch for a good cuddle and nap. But just as soon as the two got comfortable out walks mom, Billie Jo Decker. Instantly mom sees her daughter on the carpeted floor of the porch cuddling the baby cow and starts asking questions, namely how did the cow get inside the house?

Breanna didn’t want to be in trouble for letting one of the farm animals inside, and so she was quick to come up with one lie after another in order to try and cover her tracks. Although her lies are cute, they are not very believable. Little does Ms. Breanna know, no parent could stay mad after happening upon their adorable daughter cuddled up for a nap with a sweet baby cow.

I don’t know what’s cuter, the friendship Breanna shares with Izzy the cow, or the lies this clever little girl comes up with to explain to her mother why Izzy is inside. See the heartwarming footage unravel below!

When mom first walked out on the porch she saw her little girl taking an afternoon rest with their baby cow Izzy.

Izzy has been Breanna’s pet calf since she was born. Izzy was born in a swamp and as a result was found sick with pneumonia. Breanna’s family rescued the cute calf and nursed her back to good health. As a result, both Izzy and Breanna got a best friend out of the deal, one another.

Breanna knows she isn’t supposed to let the farm animals inside and so she immediately came up with plenty of reasons why it wasn’t her fault. For one, the door was left wide open…

Mom continues to ask her daughter how the cow got inside, telling Breanna  she knows she must have let Izzy in. Breanna sticks strong to her made up stories, saying she was looking one way and the next thing she knew Izzy was walking right on in through the open door, without anyone inviting her.

When mom still doesn’t believe her, Breanna tries to earn some brownie points, saying Izzy pooped but she cleaned it up. When mom tells her that’s not true either and there is no poop in the house, Breanna jumps to the next story, Izzy was eating stuff and she stopped her.

Even while being grilled over how Izzy got inside, Breanna asks if she can have a blanket for her baby cow… how sweet.

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