Goose family gains police escort when waddling onto a highway

fantastic stories | July. 07, 2017

Humans aren't the only ones who deserve a little service and protection — and these kindhearted cops clearly agree.

Earlier this month, a roving gaggle of geese got themselves into quite a predicament. Somehow, while out for a stroll with their goslings in tow, the birds managed to end up on busy Interstate 25 in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Needless to say, the freeway is not a good place to be a goose. But thankfully, their situation wasn't overlooked.

Before long, officers from the Greenwood Village Police Department arrived to provide the geese with a police escort, delivering them to safety. Here's video of the adorable scene unfolding.

Rod Wayne, who record the footage above, tells The Dodo that everything ended perfectly:

"The police guided them safety to the exit and to a grassy area near the off-ramp."

While it might seem like a small gesture on the part of the cops, the action they took to help the gaggle is earning them some well-deserved praise — and will hopefully inspire that sense of compassion in others throughout the community.

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