Lake catching on fire!

EagleHeadline | July. 28, 2017

It might look like some amazing special effect out of a movie, but this lake catching on fire is very real. The lake located in Bangalore India has started catching on fire because the lake is rich in ammonia and phosphate, and low in oxygen which is causing an extremely toxic froth to start bubbling up to the surface.

The froth begins to foam on the 36-kilometer-wide Bellandur lake and then is carried into the city by a canal.

The foam is a direct results of the pollutants being dumped in the lake for decades, and then even worse during monsoon season its being carried to surrounding roads and residential areas.

The lake will spontaneously catch on fire, although its not really known how it exactly begins. Chemical reactions could be causing the foam to combust, while the fire could be due to the methane building up on the surface of the water.

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