Wow! Black woman gave birth to a white baby!(video)

EagleHeadline | Jun. 22, 2017

Mom thought her baby was switched until she learned the truth!

This mother panicked the first time she held her newborn daughter, worrying that the nurses in the maternity ward had switched her as soon as she was born.

Rosamere is black, and so is her ex-husband, the father of her baby girl. But the couple were horrified when their baby was handed to them with snow white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes! They couldn't understand how this baby could possibly be theirs!

But it was only when Rosamere had her third child that she discovered why some of her children were so pale: they were born with a genetic disorder called albinism, causing them to have no pigment in their hair, eyes and skin!

The trait also means that albinos are more sensitive to light, and are far more susceptible to infections.

What an extraordinary family! Do you know of any similar stories?

Hear Rosamere's incredible story here!

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