Leonardo da Vinci never married or had children

funny_facts | July. 13, 2017

1.The slanted line that divides dates, fractions, choices, etc. (6/1/04) is called a virgule.

2.Leonardo da Vinci never married or had children.

3.Cats have 32 muscles in each ear and can turn their ear very quickly to catch noise.

4.The weight of air in a glass of milk is about the same as the weight of one aspirin tablet.

5.Only two in one thousand diamonds are considered truly colorless.

6.At one point in the early 60's, Henry Ford II (Henry Ford's grandson) tried to buy Ferrari.

7.Given the opportunity, deer will chew gum and marijuana.

8.A baboon called Jackie became a private in the South African army in World War I.

9.There was no punctuation until the 15th century.

10.Babies' eyes do not produce tears until the baby is approximately six to eight weeks old.

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