Incredible! A woman could charm a man to marry her!

gossip | July. 12, 2017

After 15 years of marriage and five children, Hyginus has just realized that his wife used juju to make him marry her instead of her best friend.

My name is Hyginus, a 45-year-old man with five children. I have been married for 15 years but I just realized that my wife, Chinyere, used juju to get married to me.

I know many people will wonder how this could be possible or how a woman can use charms to get married and stay married to a man for that long.

I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hear this from someone else but now that it has happened to me, I have come to the realization that just as the Bible said in Ecclesiastes 1:9, there is nothing new under the sun.

No matter how far-fetched or outlandish you think something is, just know it that it has happened before and will happen again.

Back to my pathetic story: I got married to Chinyere about 15 years ago and I must say that the circumstances in which we got married are what has been revealed now.

I was in love with Amaka who was Chinyere's best friend and confidant. They were so close that whenever we had any issue, Chinyere would be the one to come in between us and make peace.

They lived together and did so many things together, so it was just natural that Chinyere would be Amaka's maid of honour at our wedding which was just two months away. We had done our introduction and decided to do both the traditional and white wedding on the same day to save cost.

Chinyere too did not spare anything to be part of organizing the wedding and was running from pillar to post, assisting in any way she could to see that the day turns out to be a success.

I can now remember that on the day Chinyere charmed me, I had gone to see Amaka to discuss some issues with her but Chinyere told me she had gone to make her hair and that I should wait for her.

While waiting, Chinyere prepared a meal for me and we actually ate together, something we had done hundreds of time in the past. But this time, something happened when I got home because instead of thinking about my fiancee, it was Chinyere that came to my mind at all times.

I fell madly in love with her and longed to be with her. It was as if I had never seen her before and when Amaka came to visit later that evening, everything she did was offensive and I picked a quarrel with her and sent her away.

The next morning, she came again to find out what she had done but I told her I was no more interested in her and had called off the wedding. She thought I was joking and later in the day, sent Chinyere to talk to me but when she came, we ended up having sex that day and like magic, we began living together.

Later, I went to her family and told them I wanted to marry her. They were shocked because they knew I was supposed to get married to her best friend. My parents too were aghast and no one wanted to have anything with me but I stood my ground and said I would marry Chinyere even if no one supported me.

Amaka was devastated and cried so much but I was seeing Chinyere in a new light and nothing would make me leave her.

But just last month, something happened and the scale was lifted off my eyes when a friend took me to a church after I experienced a serious downturn in my business and things had gone from bad to worse.

My friend, Nduka, told me his pastor was so powerful and would pray for me to have a change in fortune. I had no option than to follow him to see the man of God.

While the man was praying for me, he told me clearly that my wife was the cause of my problems and that she had manipulated me for 15 years and without breaking the bond, I will continue to suffer till I die.

I did not understand what he meant but he said I should bring my wife to the church for prayers and that the whole truth will be revealed to me.

It was a tug of war to convince Chinyere to follow me to the church but in the end, she agreed and we went to see the man of God. That was when the secret behind my marriage to her was revealed because while the pastor was praying, Chinyere fell into a trance and began confessing to how she used juju to snatch me from her best friend.

She also said that every year, she would make a sacrifice that would continue to keep me blindfolded so that I would not wake up to the truth.

I was shocked beyond words at what a woman, a friend, could do to another. The pastor said the only thing that would save the situation was for us to look for Amaka wherever she is, apologize to her and seek her forgiveness.

However, he has forbidden me from divorcing Chinyere but how can I ever forgive and continue to live with such a woman? She has been begging me, my family members, our children and just about anyone close to me.

She practically lives in church now and has been crying to God to forgive her but I am not God and don't know if I can ever let go of what she made me do to Amaka.


Dear readers, it is true that there is nothing that happens that has never happened before, In the case of Hyginus, it is rather strange that a woman could charm a man to marry her and live together for so long.

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