Why did the hamster stay motionless in his cage for three days?

fantastic stories | July. 15, 2017

If a sloth wasn't moving, you'd hardly worry yourself. The same goes for a Koala Bear - after all, they sleep for over 20 hours a day.

But, for a hamster, used to spinning on its wheel, or running around its cage, three days without movement is very concerning.

One worried little girl was so worried by the lack of activity from her hamster that she took it to the vet. The reason why it hadn't moved is... well, brilliant.

According to a series of text messages shared on Twitter, the owner had become anxious for her furry friend.

Apparently, the hamster was "sat at the edge of the cage and wouldn't eat or drink anything."

When on the vet's table, however, the hamster livened up and began eating and drinking as normal.

As standard with any medical practitioner, the question was raised as to whether there was anything in the past week that could have caused the behaviour.

The little girl explained that the hamster had 'escaped for a bit' but was then found under the fridge.

The text message conversation continued: "Then they noticed there was something in his cheek pouch.

"So they look inside, and find a fridge magnet."

That fridge magnet had caused the hamster to become stuck to the side of his metal cage, making it impossible for him to move anywhere.

Twitter user, Kat, then screenshotted both messages and captioned the images: 'I am not OK'.

The tweet has gone viral with over 109,000 retweets and 234,000 likes.

Of the 1,400-plus replies, many have struggled to hold themselves together at reading the story.

"Terrified this hamster was going to end badly and now I am crying with a weird combo of relief and joy and something else I can't name," wrote one user.

However, some remained sceptical as to whether the story was realistic (we really hope it is though)

At least they didn't start funeral proceedings. One mum from Mansfield buried her son's hamster alive, before replacing it with a new one - which she claimed was the original but with a haircut.

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