Hit the hearts: the beauty in the eyes of the whole world, which one do you think is the most beautiful face?

EagleHeadline | Jun. 17, 2017

What will the beauty of the people in the world look like? Different countries maybe have different aesthetic. Natalia, a 34-year-old Russian photographer , participated in a shooting project called "beauty of the origin of the race," .The purpose is to show the diversity of the world's different races in the aesthetic. She started the global travel for this project in different countries to find the beauty of the local people. And now she has traveled 15 countries, took more than 50 different racial beauty. The beauty of different countries performance diffferent. What is your favorite one?



3.Azerbaijan's Segin

4.The Jews

5.The Eastern Slavs of Belarus

6.The Tatars in the Crimea region



9.African Rwandans

10.Akan people of Africa, Ivory Coast

11.Bantu people of East Africa

12.Wolof beauty

13.People of Guinea-Bissau


Which one do you think is the most beautiful face? Please leave a reply. Or If you think there are much more beautiful photos of women. Send us. We may post out the best photos.

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