Amazing! Ghanaian man breaks barriers, drives from France to Ghana

gossip | July. 21, 2017

- Ghanaian, Nicolas Donkoh, is claimed to have returned to Ghana from France by land

- His entire journey, by road, saw him cover over 7000 kilometers

Who ever told you that Ghana is not made up of adventurous citizens might probably be telling you a different story altogether!

This follows a supposed posed by a man by name Nicolas Afedi Donkoh who boasts of taking the risk to drive all the way from the European country of France to Accra, Ghana.

According to Donkoh, his journey started from the capital of Paris in France enroute to Spain where he subsequently continued by boat to the North African country of Morrocco.

Making the calculation in terms of Kilometers,, can confirm that his total journey (if indeed it was a journey by road) saw him cover 7,154 kilometers of land to get to his homeland Ghana.

Just so you understand how long a journey this Ghanaian took, it shows you a map on the distance between Ghana and France:

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