How interesting these facts are!

funny_facts | July. 05, 2017

1.Some species of fish have voices!

2.A snail can sleep for three years.

3.According to an old English system of time units, a moment is one and a half minutes.

4.A completely blind chameleon will still take on the colors of its environment.

5.The U.S. Government will not allow portraits of living persons to appear on stamps.

6.Porcupines float in water!

7.A broken clock is always right twice a day.

8.The word 'cow' only refers to the grown up female animals. The correct word is 'cattle', which means many different kinds, regardless of whether they're male or female, young or old.

9.Istanbul, Turkey is the only city in the world located on two continents.

10.Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers (Moe, Curly, and Shemp).

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