Don't be silly with thinking that animals have no feelings, in fact sometimes they are far more trustworthy than humans

EagleHeadline | Jun. 16, 2017

Many people express they are very fond of animals through the internet, while most people like them just because the animals are very lovely. Although many people view animals pictures on on the Internet during their work time, but they will soon forget, while the animals express their love and compassion in their own way.The owl has been trying to lay eggs, but it didn't hatched little owl when the eggs lied. The master gave it a goose egg, when it hatch, it goose baby, it takes the goose baby like his own baby.

Another foster mother was a retriever named Lisa, who raised 30 animals, including cheetahs, tigers, belly pigs, porcupines, and even hippopotamus.

"You're great, I love you." This is the last word of an African gray parrot called Alex. Alex had a close relationship with his master Elin, and before he died in 2007, he wanted to express his love to Eileen.

In the diving competition, when the cold water made her legs difficult to move, Yang Yun thought she was dying. Fortunately, Mira was there to save her, and the white whale pushed her on the water with her nose.

Kwibi was brought up by his master Damian in the UK. When Kwibi grew up, Damian felt that sending Kwibi back to nature and letting him live with his own peers was the best choice for Kwibi. Five years have past, Damian decided to visit his old friend. He blew a whistle from the riverside where he left the young gorilla. Sure enough, Kwibi appeared from the jungle. "He looked in my eyes affectionately, and I could see the rich love in that, which was an incredible experience," said Damian.Kwibi.

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed her home for five years, Jennifer got a message from the charity, the news from her answering machine said her beloved cat was found. Although the cat has been lost for five years, and when it restarts to live with Jennifer, it immediately falls asleep in the old


The elephants held a solemn funeral for the day when the famous environmentalist Lawrence Anthony died. At first people thought that these elephants were dangerous and going to be killed, but Anthony persuaded the authorities to change their views on the elephant. These elephants walk 2 hours here to thank those who saved their families.

At the Myrtle Beach Wildlife Park in South Carolina, the orangutan raised two lion's cubs until they were able to take care of themselves.

The name of the two elephants are Jenny and Shirley. When Shirley was 20 years old, it met Jenny who was still a small elephant in the circus. When they later encountered in the same animal shelter, the old friends hugged, since then they hav been inseparable.

Every Sunday Tommy's master will take it to pray together. When its owner died, Tommy decided to continue this tradition. The church's pastor said that Tommy kept the holy prayer, never barking or other devastating moves. It only sits quietly, recalls silently.

Cindy is a chimp of the Cameroonian rescue center, and when it died of heart failure, its chimpanzee compatriots comforted to each other. They looked sadly at their friends being taken away.

They are natural competitors in nature, but under artificial feeding, they are the best friends, playing in the Australian Dolphin Ocean Park together.

When the little orangutan Suryia's parents both died, even the breeder could not let the 3-year-old orangutan eat. When a sick wandering dog came to its habitat, it all changed. Suryia cares the dog until it returns to health. Now they live happily in the zoo. Don't be silly with thinking that animals have no feelings, in fact sometimes they are far more trustworthy than humans.

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