Two girls were killed by the plane on the airport runway when taking photos

EagleHeadline | Jun. 17, 2017

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Nichia (left and clarissa (right self-timer was unfortunately killed by the plane).

Recently, in the western province of Chihuahua, two teenage girls in the airport runway self-timer, unfortunately, was killed by the plane....

According to the report, the two girls are 18-year-old Nijia (Nitzia Mendoza Corral and 17-year-old Clarissa (Clarissa Morquecho Miranda.), Where Nichia is a law school students, Clarissa is still in high school.

On Saturday (25th), Nigeria and Clarissa went to the airport for a visit to the airport, and then went to the airport to self-timer. This unfortunate accident occurred when both of them were on the runway and stood in a van Behind, shoot self-timer video.

They photographed the video, a light plane began to land, but unfortunately, the two girls did not see the plane, and because the surrounding environment is noisy, they did not hear the sound of the aircraft. The head of two girls, so that they died on the spot.

Mexican media reported that the scene witnesses, they loudly warned the girl to leave the car, but the two girls ignored the warning, still in the self-timer, unfortunately soon happened.

A spokesman for the Mexican National Procuratorate said the authorities were investigating the case, and the identity of the pilot was not announced, and it was unclear why the plane was so close to the vehicle, and they did not receive any reports of bad weather. No effect.

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